Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Spring colour hunt

Even though the Holidays are not quite over, all those of us, making things, already are planning for Spring!  What I find quite amusing and frighting at the same time, is how short the Fall/ Winter season is in Fashion. As soon as the Boxing weeks sales, blow-outs and bonanzas are finished, the Spring and Summer stuff will flood the shelves of Retailers, trying to manipulate us into thinking, the cold season is now officially over...

During the very busy Fall and so far - Winter too, I have used up most of my leather supply, and this is the time to re-stock! Liquidation leather is tricky, as each time I make an attempt to source, what I think will work for the bags, it never means I will be able to find what I need.  For this Spring, my most wanted colour for leather is... Lilac..

Lilac, source Hortserv.

Either muted or radiant, matte or metallic - Lilac is still an unlikely colour to be spotted amongst the accessories worn on the street today. But some 4 years ago I had the same obsession about Royal Blue, which was nowhere to be seen at the time, but now is returning for 3rd straight Spring/ Summer season in form of tops, belts and even shoes.
My Kerry bag in Royal Blue was welcomed very warmly by my customers!

I believe I am just as right about Lilac - but let's find a orphaned, overstock hide first....

The closest I came to Lilac, was with my Dusky Rose coloured leather; a muted, calm rosy pink, I used past Spring.
Limited Edition Sarah, Dusky Rose

Sarah, Renata and other purses were constructed out of this beautiful understated light upholstery stock. Even though it took a while for the customers to warm up to the idea of wearing a version of "Pink", the bags left  the shelves quickly. I was also amazed of how well my OOAK shoppers were warming up to Fuchsia.

Lilac really has potential!

Sarah, Olive Green
This past Fall, my luckiest find was the single Olive Green hide, which was sourced for quite a few beautiful purses, Virga being one of them. I would like to continue on the Greenish front into Spring, and will update you as soon as something is found.

Hides! - taken on-site by Ayala Moriel
My other found shades for the Sunny season are different tones of Mustards, Yellows, rich Cognac beiges, Caramels, Chestnuts, warm Wines and Grays!

Even though on my first Spring leather hunt I did not find everything I wanted, I returned with some great season transition pieces, and one unexpected psychedelic Argentinian find.

Forecast - for all added Spring styles we will keep using fluid forms, keep the metal to the minimum, continue on the true Old World country look with multiple straps looping over one another, lots of threading and pleating....

There will also be new pieces for the Beach, made of recycled materials and more. You'll see...

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Tree, source:
  Starting tomorrow I finally can take some time off - from Day job that is. The offices will be shut down for the week between Christmas and New Years, meaning more freedom for me - to sleep in, to not run around, to focus on what I love doing the most, which is working from home, on my bags.

Much of that time will be dedicated to sourcing new materials for the Spring add-ons to my Coming Of Age collection. Also, a few new ideas for Spring and Beach, I cannot wait to start bringing to life. And when I am not sourcing, planning, patterning, applying for the Spring shows, designing new business cards, sewing  or updating my on-line stock, I will be... resting.

Dundarave Olive Co - amongst my gifts!

Luckily, most of my own Christmas shopping is done - unfortunately, not the overseas mailing, which will have to wait till next week.... This year, I can proudly announce, that all my gifts are made in here, in BC!

I love the Winter Holiday season for its serenity. After sunset, there are not many things I would rather do, than light a lovely candle, turn the Christmas tree lights on,  and cozy up on the couch with a book and a glass of wine. Cliche, I know, but, this year I am looking forward to that more than ever...

Katie, The Bag Royal Blue
What a year has it been! Jola V. Designs has grown way beyond my wildest expectations, I am immensely thankful to all those who have been so supportive and generous this year. Next Spring we will mark our 2nd anniversary, and we would not have been able to get there without you!

The year of 2011 already looks promising, with possibly going part time at my day-job, so more time to work on the bags, and actually have the ability to get more in touch -  and keep up -  with my customers.

I am planning a few great Spring shows in the Vancouver area and some traveling and tanning for the Summer!

But, for now - a very well deserved Holiday season vacation!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Me and Marie

I met Marie at the One Of A Kind Show this past weekend. She came wondering by my modest booth, and stayed to shop. Another customer of mine was trying a few bags on, and the colour of the bags caught Marie's eye. Jewel Purple... A wonderful colour, so rare for the "orphaned" leather I source for the bags.

We started to talk, and immediately I felt how positive and genuinely interested she was in what is it we all do at the show. How we make things, decide which materials we want to use for our wares and how we are bringing production of every day items back into our home countries. Marie told me that shopping for locally made items was a new thing for her, as most of the time she would make her purchases while visiting her remaining family in the Old World. Or go to the high end shops and look for the Old World brands she loved since she was a young girl back in Britain.

But those brands were no longer the way Marie remembered them. What was supposed to be luxury bags, watches, eye-glasses, china, - anything she once thought she wanted to have, -  had lost the story behind it all, lost the individuality and in a lot of cases, quality too. The Brand Name remains, so does the logo, but the spirit of the maker has long disappeared behind the conveyor of mass production, cheap parts, labour, and meaningless celebrity appearance gimmicks.

Nonetheless, Marie's aspiration for fashion and quality remained. She just knew she had to look outside of what is perceived as fashion in the mass produced world. Marie tried a lot of my purses on and asked questions about each of them. She was excited to meet the person, who actually made the "beautiful purses" and to learn that small businesses, such as mine, are in fact helping to preserve the environment, while using recycled or overstock materials, making and selling it all on the spot. Many of them are giving work opportunities for local artists too. She really enjoyed the personal attention she got from me and all the assistance she was given whilst picking a bag.

I also told Marie, that anything new in fashion always starts in the Indie community, and it takes months for the corporate producers to catch up.

She walked away with my Light Grey Sarah Limited Finish bag, which she loved. She came back the next day and told me that her husband loved it too.  She said, that up to now, her favourite bag in her closet was a Marc Jacobs bag she bought a few months ago. But now, my Sarah was the new favourite, not just for the looks and quality, but also for the entire shopping experience.

Marie was an example of a small victory for Indies. If we can convert one person into a local, environmentally conscious shopper, many will follow.
This meeting was one of the highlights of the show.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last couple of weeks seem to resemble a long mountainous road to some destination, yet unknown to me. So many things happened in such a short time, all appear to be connected in a cycle of Up- Down - Down - Up. Here is a load-down of the past three weeks...

Thursday, The Break-down
It began with my sewing machine going out of commission for 10 days. With the One Of A Kind show approaching fast, that was not a good time for a machine to break down. All my stock building was suspended for over 10 full days, as the thing sat in the mechanics workshop, waiting to be treated and released.

Friday, The Website
I certainly was not happy about having to go without a machine for this long, but the concerns were shortly overridden by more exciting news of my Web-site finally coming to a completion and going live. I am hugely thankful for all your sharing, re-tweeting and support. It took us many months of late nights and hard work, but now it is done...

Tuesday, The Spotting
I have written about it in this post, with all emotions poured out! To make a long story short - for the very first time I spotted a complete stranger wearing a bag I designed and made on a city train I ride to my day-job.
Grand and rewarding...

Thursday again, The snowy ride
We do not get a lot of snow in Vancouver, but when we do, our daily lives change. The snow came the night before I was going to go get my sewing machine back from the mechanics. It fell beautifully for many hours during the night, and into the morning, and then into the afternoon. Traffic was scarce on the roads, some streets were just purely white, with no trace of footsteps or tires.The Nordic in me prevailed, and in the early afternoon I rode out to get my main "sewing buddy" back home. It was perhaps the most scenic ride I had in a long time, while living in BC. Will never forget the snowed-in cemetery I saw on the way to the shop - the grave monuments were peeking out from underneath the snow. Very serene, and a kind of almost holy.
Most importantly, the machine was back home, safe and working.

Saturday, The Market
One of my two winter markets happened a weekend ago. I have forgotten how rusty I can get while setting up my booth, stuffing bags with shape supporting plastic, arranging storage and for the first time using my credit card processing device! It must have been the "rustiness" that cased my back to go out of commission for many days afterwards. I wish I was a bit more careful with all the lifting, dragging, stacking, bending and stretching. That was just the start of my health issues....

Monday, More health hazards
On the night of that Monday I suddenly felt sick. I always had little issues here and there, and aging definitely has proven to me that our bodies are not limitless in their stamina. Working two jobs - day and night - certainly took a toll on my energy levels and eliminated time to exercise.... For me though, that night was such a sudden deterioration, I, in fact, got quite worried that I might actually have something more serious. I had stomach cramping, chills, fatigue and dizziness, followed by other tell-tale signs of an internal infection. With some attention from a great doctor I met the next morning and some tough doses of antibiotics he prescribed, I was able to stay on my feet for the rest of the week. But, surely - no work got done...

Tuesday, The Job-Share
On Tuesday I was absent from my office day-job, as I was trying to battle my newly set-in infection. As I returned on the next day, I found a response from a colleague of mine, I was waiting for all week. She agreed to a proposal to share my current full time day-job at 50/50. More time to spend on my business and less at the office - on days like this you forget you've even been sick! Or sad! We are going to propose our plan to the employer shortly, and who knows, maybe this will be my lucky attempt.

Thursday, The Complaint
Back to the dumps! A knock on my door surprised me, as I just have finished hammering the rivets, connecting the strap on one of my Sarah bags. One in the Jewel Purple colour, that I love. I opened my door to a young red haired man standing in front of me. Apparently, he came to complain about the hammering and stone carving noises I was allegedly making. He also told me that he was a member of the Strata Council in my building, and that there are quite a few complaints racking up against stone carving (again!) related noises. Thursday would not be the day I am usually home, so I was not familiar with any such noises, so none of what he was saying made sense to me. I do not carve stone, nor make continuous hammering noises, so at first I thought this man was joking. But then.... as soon as he left the noises began! Right in the upstairs from me - hammering, grinding, vacuuming, followed by more hammering. I have never heard these noises before, as I would be off to the day-job on weekdays. I got really enraged about now being accused of causing this noise chaos, so I contacted the Strata, just to find out that my friend from this morning had already written me up! Now I am NOT used to be treated like this by a man... I wrote my lengthy explanation to the Strata, hoping the finger - pointing will cease. I now think, my "friend" really owes me an apology.

Thursday, The Wonderful Hanukkah dinner
Same Thursday - different world. The strange encounter with my accuser was scratched of the surface of Earth by a fantastic Hanukkah dinner thrown by my good friend, Ayala. Thank you again, dear. It takes a person like you to help a crummy day regain its balance.

Friday, My Back Strikes Again!
Compiling stock for the upcoming biggest show in my designer career takes many hours of steady work. I have been consistently taking time off from the day-job to build somewhat decent inventory to show off at my booth. I was faithfully kneeling on the floor in front of a leather hide, one hand on the floor, scissors in the other, when a sharp pain across my back startled me. For a second I tried to ignore it, carry on with the cut, but it was not possible. Next two minutes found me sobbing flat on the bed, as my body could not be placed in any other position, without going into complete agony. And, just like that lost another half day of production. I swore to myself that as soon as all the vending is done, I WILL restart that bloody yoga course I have conveniently abandoned...

Saturday, The Retail
Life goes on. Even if you are sick, tired, upset or merry. 2 new retailers approached me, who are willing to carry my line. Very excited and pleased about it, yet anxious, as this will require more production during an already bad week for this poor ol' body of mine...
It is great to be loved!

The Preparations Of Forever...
Finally, one night to go, till it is time to set up my booth for the biggest show I have done so far. Very excited and curious, but I also aware of the long hours of pure energy, that this work requires. Currently my inventory counts at 47 bags and 17 belts, a dozen of small SWAG! goodies; 4 liters of sparkling water, a pack of Antacids, cash box, gift bags, mini bottle of wine, tube of hand-cream and a lunch planner. I love what I do and my work is rewarding and draining me every day. The past three weeks have been extraordinary, and strange, and I hope the show will bring the finale I am needing right now.

I should be in bed. As a small business owner, you are the only driving force for your venture. Save it and nurture it. Goodnight and good luck.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

We have the Wrap Belt give-away draw winner!!!

We have our winner!

Below is an excerpt from a names randomizer form, hosted by .

After entering all those interested in participating, we "randomized" the  list, and according to heir instructions, the person appearing the FIRST in the new random order, is the winner!

List Randomizer

There were 9 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. ahsu78
  2. liddler
  3. Annie
  4. marlo
  5. ayala
  6. elvyrad
  7. nina j.
  8. meghan
  9. ceyou
Timestamp: 2010-12-02 23:44:25 UTC

Congrats, ahsu78 - you are the winner of our first ever give-away.
You will receive a Jola V. Designs Wrap Belt in the colour of your choice. We will contact you for details shortly!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Wrap Belt give-away

During Portobello West market this weekend, I started a spontaneous Give Away promotion for one of my Wrap Belts..
Because of the lovely response, I would like to continue it on-line too!

Please, sign up to our e-mailing list to enter a draw to win a Wrap Belt in the colour of your choice!
From left: Perfect Mustard, Olive, Azalea

Colours currently in stock: Black, Brown Smoke, Perfect Mustard, Azalea, Olive and Taupe Grey. We will post more pictures of other colours on the WebSite shortly!

All Wrap belts are 1 inch wide and 8 feet long, they can be wrapped around your waist 2-3 times, coiled, tied - anything. One size fits all.

*****To win your Wrap Belt, all you need to do, is add your e-mail address to our e-mailing list, if you have not done so yet.  You can do it by clicking the E-mail Sign-up button at the top of our Facebook Fan Page, or my sending a message to:

All the new subscribers will be added to the draw.

*****Those of you, who have already added their e-mail to the list in the past, please let me know if you are interested in taking part in THIS draw - either by commenting on this post, message, etc.

The winner will drawn THURSDAY, Dec 1st.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another incredibly rewarding moment

For a small brand, even the most modest forms appreciation make a huge deal. This morning was one of those lucky times when I got to experience a true reward for what I do. And, must say, I have not felt this good and up-lifted since last year, when just four months into doing, what then seemed,  wonky design work, I was invited to sell my bags at a store of my very first retailer!

Today was another First. I was riding a train on the way to my day-job, when my eye caught something familiar in the background. Usually, before I get to the office and have my morning coffee, I am in a quite a hazy place... It took me several seconds to realize, that I was staring at one of my own creations - a TerriAnn bag, worn by a complete stranger on the train.

I could not believe my eyes at first. I have seen my friends or people I know wearing my bags; also have seen them on the shelves of my retailers, but never have I seen one worn by a stranger, met accidentally on the street or train.

I did not approach that stylish lady, nor was I able to muster up any kind of introduction at that moment. We got off at the same stop and walked to the opposite directions. For a few moments I gazed at the TerriAnn hanging across her back and felt very warm inside. This moment made my day, and I once again realized that the unfortunate break-down of my sewing machine is only a minor inconvenience in the face of all the good things happening to me.

Someone noticed, appreciated and showcased my work. Can things even get better than this?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bad things - and Good

The busiest season is on; lots of shows, preparation, retail orders and requests, custom calls, web designing - you name it - we're doing it! During this time of year every minute counts and it is really important to plan ahead and stay on schedule.

Unfortunately, amidst all the pre-Holiday chaos, my trusty sewing machine decided to break down. It started making horrendous noise in the lower thread area, as though several steel surfaces are grinding heavily against each other....

I stopped in fear of causing further damage to my machine and called the mechanics..... Now, as it is in waiting of repairs, my hands are tied till... middle of next week, if I am lucky. If the mechanics need to order any replacement parts for the machine, the wait will be even longer.

The break down has completely messed up my plans of making enough stock for all of six days worth of Art shows, which also begin next week. Some of the bag styles will be understocked at the shows....

Right now there is nothing else I can do right now, other than simply wait...

 BUT - not everything is actually as bad.
I recently have heard from my day job, saying, that my request to work part time  actually may manifest itself into something achievable. It is too early to talk yet, but we may work things out after the year is over. However, I am still very accustomed to the thought of leaving them this winter....

If my sewing machine fiasco does not last for too long, I still think I could make the most of the Holiday season....

Also, even though some parts of my work have come to halt, others have actually picked up. I am not producing these days, but we have been putting all of our efforts towards completing the Jola V. Designs web-site.

After several months of intense crating, editing and re-creating, it finally went live in the wee hours of today (Sunday, Nov. 21st)... So, all of you can now purchase our bags straight from the brand new beautiful site.

I am very happy and excited for this, as, to me, the Web site was the next big milestone that Jola V. Designs needed to reach...

So, here we are - some things are stagnant and some are moving forward full speed. My next goal, during the time I wait for my machine to return all cured up, is finally publishing the debut newsletter...

These past few days have served an important lesson to me - that despite how easy it is to focus on each mishap and fault, and anything Negative happening in life, it is far more important to use that energy for seeking ways to out-smart your mishaps and use your experience to create the positive.

Best  of luck to all the small business owners this Holiday season!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Alas, we finally have a Collection!

It is well into the fall season - colours, rain and crisp air.
My summery fun pastel colours have been long swapped for warmer, more "mature" shades.  Still, I am really late this year in rolling out the second collection, which was intended to be Pre-Fall...
When you are a starting artist, and a one person show with a full time day-job, your own growth can easily startle you. Even though I designed most of the styles back in very early spring, I could not keep up with sales and simultaneous sampling.

Some styles came out quite early, as I could not wait to roll them out, others took longer, as I was working with my retailers, attending shows, traveling or still tweaking some final ideas. But finally, we have a complete Collection...

Coming Of Age is the name of my second collection of handbags.
The name came naturally, describing the changes and learning milestones I have been going through since the first one, Intro, created for this Spring. Featuring five new bag styles and some variations to them, this collection is a result of my search for the look of my own, along with functional purpose for each item. I have finished randomly experimenting with materials, sizes and directions, have drawn my own lines and set preferences; and ended up feeling quite happy about the final result. The final Collection came out to be my take on Femimine within a tuned down modernized country setting.

The styles within the Pre-Fall Coming Of Age Collection are:

TerriAnn - compact and practical shoulder bag;

TerriAnn bag

Sarah - the famous ruffled Western shoulder sack;

Sarah bags

Katie, The Bag - my luxurious bucket, currently on a fundraising mission (follow the link for more info);

Basic colours of Katie, The Bag

Virga - a spacious and comfy tote/ shoulder rounded bottom satchel

Virga bags

and one more - yet unnamed bag (images coming soon).... - but will tell you, it is a shoulder bag with a button...

Also, a completely new product has been introduced this fall  -  a Wrap Belt. Easy to wear, suits all sizes.

3 cm wide wrap belts

But because of how small this collection is, with just 5 bag styles and one new product, it did not seem like enough... I did have some ideas of styles I wanted to try for, and eventually found some incredible leather to work with on those. I also wanted an additional creative challenge, now that all the designing was done, and times of production were about to start... 
I expanded the Collection with three more exclusive styles, that have formed a mini collection, called Coming Of Age FAST...

The three styles in the mini collection are:

Nijole - large sturdy shoulder slouch

Virga TCB - roomier, with two flaps and side panel;

Virga TCB Black + Orange

and Special Finish Sarah - just like standard Sarah, only comes in unique colours and has upgraded interior.

This sums up all the bags within the second collection.
Come and meet all of the bags in person at Portobello West this month 27 - 28th
and One Of A Kind Vancouver in December, 9-12th.

thanks for all the support throughout the year!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Fall events - and upcoming Holiday market season....

.... Suddenly we find ourselves in the month of November . The year is coming to an end, but the busiest season is just about to begin. The next eight weeks are packed with events for Jola V. Designs, and as a very small operation, I am doing to best to stay afloat – and bring you the lovely handbags along the way...

The first big accomplishment of the year, is that I have just completed the entire Pre-Fall Coming Of Age collection, you will see the pictures of the last remaining prototype shortly; and get to “meet” all the newbies in person later this month.

Another Huuuge project, which is still making its way through, is the launch of Jola V. Designs web-site! (currently under construction). We are very excited about the new page, which will enable you to purchase your Arm Candy on-line, directly from us. The launch is expected to take place sometime in late November or early December. Fingers crossed.

Now, that sampling is out of the way, Jola V. Designs is gearing up for the Holiday art shows and sales.

Here is what the next eight weeks look like for us:

THURSDAY, NOV. 4, 5-9 pm is the Fall Gastown Shop Hop – take a stroll through Gastown’s fashion boutiques for complementary treats, wine, cheese and other goodies, as well as 15 – 25% off of your purchases. You will find a pretty battalion of our handbags lined up at the Dream Boutique’s Gastown location.

Also, come by Gentille Alouette, who are going full out this Shop Hop, and throwing a party with designers on-site and serious treats, including the famous hand-rolled truffles by my favourite natural perfume house, Ayala Moriel Parfums.

SATURDAY, SUNDAY; NOV 27-28 12-6 pm – Jola V. Designs returns to the Portobello West fashion and art market. Be sure to stop by to chat + check out the new Collection’s handbags, along with greatly priced wrap belts, that suit all and go really fast! With over 60 local designers and artists under one roof, you will sure be able to find locally made great Holiday gifts for everyone.

Drop me a line for you 2 for 1 entry ticket deal....

Located in Rocky Mountaineer station.

All details here.

THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY; DEC 9 – 12 11-7 pm – Jola V. Designs makes its debut at the Vancouver One Of A Kind Show and Sale, taking place at downtown’s Convention Centre West. Look for us in the very appropriate Rising Stars area of the show hall. One Of A Kind brings together over 250 North American and BC artists to showcase their work for four days – along with programming, such as fashion shows, fun for kids, snack bistro and a bar. It will be the biggest show we have taken part in so far. During your visit you will be able to browse not only the new collection, but also, the styles of the Coming Of Age Fast, exclusive mini – collection, alongside of an early preview of my new Spring styles.

This is a show, where people do not only shop for holiday gifts for others, but also, for their very deserving selves.

All details, including list of all artisans, tix pricing, parking , etc – here;

Contact me for a entry discount coupon prior to the show.

In the meantime, we are very busy gearing up for all of this – there has been lots of searching, buying, cutting and stitching in the past few months.

Visit one of my fab retailers for bag fix, if you cannot wait till the shows roll in.

... AND look out for our upcoming web-site launch announcement!

Hope to see you all at the shows - as there is nothing more rewwarding to an artist, than meeting their customers in person and receiving your fantastic feedback!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Good things come in small packages (the Sarah bag)

Counting my chickens
When I completed the first ever Sarah bag prototype this past Spring, I thought I had a "Where Has This Bag Been All My Life?" moment...
The idea for Sarah came very naturally, yet I was surprised with the final outcome.

I had previously spent several days tweaking the sketch, picking a suitable leather and making some final decisions to the design... I wanted a compact original shoulder bag for the upcoming Pre-Fall collection, and I hoped to re-use the trusted Western Rounded sack structure for it.

I decided to add space to the traditional Country style by darting the bottom for expansion; I also wanted an innovative strap, which would be practical, and add décor to the bag at the same time.

I came off with a double loop bridle strap, tied to the hardware with knots for length adjustment. I loved the lyrical twist, my interconnecting loops brought to the design. And then came the asymmetric ruffles…

The Sarah bag is a mix of both, feminine and industrial; a combination of Country tradition and modernization.

  The very first Sarah prototype was cut in Ivory 2.5 oz garment weight leather; followed by other colours and leather types. I could not wait to launch my new, back then still nameless, style at art shows. I hoped it may catch on as a lightweight option for both moms and daughters; day or night; casual or special occasion.

Ivory coloured Prototype
I did think of it as the “nice little bag”, but back then in no way could I predict the audience’s response to it….

Sarah launched at the Portobello West market in March, alongside the rest of Jola V. Designs family. That’s where it eventually got its name too – a fabulous local shopper, who picked up the LAST of the bags on the first market day, was named Sarah…

My “nice little bag” had a few surprises in store for me. Since the minute I set up my booth at Portobello West, and subsequently, other shows, it started flying off the table to its new homes; eventually causing actual buyer line-ups at the stall. I had received avid admiration for the bag, leading to sell-outs, custom orders and requests; and the pace continued into the retail as well.

Sarah is responsible for one of my biggest eye-opening moments; when I realized that fashion driven people actually respond to…. my original design. I have had a few “hits” prior to this one, but it was the interest in Sarah, that boosted my confidence as an accessories designer.

With its merely 10” length, roomy interior, long strap and flirty ruffles, Sarah undoubtedly became the little hurricane to stir up all my production plans, sweep my lack of confidence aside, and help me focus on doing what I love, listening and responding to the demand. It also increased interest in many of my other styles and sent some returned customers my way....

Since then I came up with a Limited Edition of the Sarah bag, applying floral décor, for a change to the famous ruffles; and a high end Limited Finish Sarah for the Coming Of Age FAST mini-collection.
Limited Edition Sarah

We will be returning to this winter`s markets with many new – and tried and tested colours for Sarah; some of the new shades have popped up in Retail in late September….

My ``Nice little bag`` has taught me to trust my instincts, when it comes to creating. It also has once again proved, that the strongest ideas come from the heart. I would like to dedicate the Sarah bag story to all creators amongst us, who are on the way of finding themselves;

Trust what you do – and do what you love. The love will be returned.

Fall and Spring colours

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Renata - spacious, versatile and adjustable

I created Renata 2 summers ago, to fill my search for a versatile slouch, which could be worn in several ways, and would look equally good, whilst at it.

Because I usually have more than just one requirement for my bags, along came the idea, that it would be nice, if it were able to change its shape, height and overall profile to suit various occasions.

Also, my disinterest in the use of 'bling' and hardware on the exterior, and love for knot decor took a stand for its place in the styling.

Renata's structure combines a Bucket bag, and a Flat satchel into one, utilizing what is best about both. The rounded bottom adds extra space without adding bulk; and slouchy top without side panels sits comfortably against the wearer's body, allowing them to move freely. It is still large enough to fit your work files, lunch, and an extra sweater....

Size and profile can be changed by snugging up the threaded lace on the side. Renata look equally great worn off the shoulder by the pair of top handles or across the chest by the long bolt-knotted shoulder strap. Has a comfy, somewhat hidden front pocket... Mostly no lining....

Perhaps due to its versatility and soft leather used for it, Renata became the 'underdog hit' of the Spring 2010 Intro collection, and so far, the leader of the on-line sales....

In the fall, we will be continuing to make Renata along with the Pre-Fall 2010 Coming Of Age collection bags.  An array of new colours will be available at my booth at the ONE OF A KIND VANCOUVER  show this December 9 - 12.

We will keep you posted...

Friday, September 17, 2010

The gorgeousness, that are the Virga bags!

Virga bags
My new Collection is slowly rolling out. Ironically, first it will appear in retail, than on my Page, because lately I have been making a lot of promises  to the Shops, that are kind enough to carry my bags, instead of actual deliveries.

VIRGA is the newest style to see the daylight. I sketched this bag to help survive the 16 hour long flight back from my home, Vilnius, Lithuania and was really excited about what I came up with.

Virga is named after a lady, who is a long time friend, appreciates simple, but genuine things in life.  Same stands for the bag - sturdy, simple, reliable.... It is a compact bag, that could be worn as a tote, or shoulder bag - either way you like it. As on most of my bags, the strap length can be adjusted, or removed all together and replaced with something else.

Strap tie
 During the few days that I have been wearing the Virga sample, I must say I am pleased with the comfort level the design gives, hanging off my shoulder and sitting closely and flush next to my side. I can put my hand over the magnet closure for extra safety on the bus or train, and yet, can stick my hand inside the bag, or the pocket, should I unexpectedly need an umbrella!

Orange Virga

The flap pocket is great for keys, lip balm, other small items. Several compartments inside for organization. As on all my bags, the strap has extra length for taller fits, but can be adjusted for the petites just as easily.

Fall shades....

Due to the nature of the leather I work with, some colours will be one of a kind, and some will come and go. The fall is in the air, and so are the fall shades - of Olive, Navy, Orange, glossy Red Brick; look out for them in the shops of my darling retailers - and on-line...

Olive Virga

Navy Virga
Orange Virga

Coming up - Brown/Black, Azalea and Burgundy...

Accessorize your Fall -