Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Fall events - and upcoming Holiday market season....

.... Suddenly we find ourselves in the month of November . The year is coming to an end, but the busiest season is just about to begin. The next eight weeks are packed with events for Jola V. Designs, and as a very small operation, I am doing to best to stay afloat – and bring you the lovely handbags along the way...

The first big accomplishment of the year, is that I have just completed the entire Pre-Fall Coming Of Age collection, you will see the pictures of the last remaining prototype shortly; and get to “meet” all the newbies in person later this month.

Another Huuuge project, which is still making its way through, is the launch of Jola V. Designs web-site! (currently under construction). We are very excited about the new page, which will enable you to purchase your Arm Candy on-line, directly from us. The launch is expected to take place sometime in late November or early December. Fingers crossed.

Now, that sampling is out of the way, Jola V. Designs is gearing up for the Holiday art shows and sales.

Here is what the next eight weeks look like for us:

THURSDAY, NOV. 4, 5-9 pm is the Fall Gastown Shop Hop – take a stroll through Gastown’s fashion boutiques for complementary treats, wine, cheese and other goodies, as well as 15 – 25% off of your purchases. You will find a pretty battalion of our handbags lined up at the Dream Boutique’s Gastown location.

Also, come by Gentille Alouette, who are going full out this Shop Hop, and throwing a party with designers on-site and serious treats, including the famous hand-rolled truffles by my favourite natural perfume house, Ayala Moriel Parfums.

SATURDAY, SUNDAY; NOV 27-28 12-6 pm – Jola V. Designs returns to the Portobello West fashion and art market. Be sure to stop by to chat + check out the new Collection’s handbags, along with greatly priced wrap belts, that suit all and go really fast! With over 60 local designers and artists under one roof, you will sure be able to find locally made great Holiday gifts for everyone.

Drop me a line for you 2 for 1 entry ticket deal....

Located in Rocky Mountaineer station.

All details here.

THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY; DEC 9 – 12 11-7 pm – Jola V. Designs makes its debut at the Vancouver One Of A Kind Show and Sale, taking place at downtown’s Convention Centre West. Look for us in the very appropriate Rising Stars area of the show hall. One Of A Kind brings together over 250 North American and BC artists to showcase their work for four days – along with programming, such as fashion shows, fun for kids, snack bistro and a bar. It will be the biggest show we have taken part in so far. During your visit you will be able to browse not only the new collection, but also, the styles of the Coming Of Age Fast, exclusive mini – collection, alongside of an early preview of my new Spring styles.

This is a show, where people do not only shop for holiday gifts for others, but also, for their very deserving selves.

All details, including list of all artisans, tix pricing, parking , etc – here;

Contact me for a entry discount coupon prior to the show.

In the meantime, we are very busy gearing up for all of this – there has been lots of searching, buying, cutting and stitching in the past few months.

Visit one of my fab retailers for bag fix, if you cannot wait till the shows roll in.

... AND look out for our upcoming web-site launch announcement!

Hope to see you all at the shows - as there is nothing more rewwarding to an artist, than meeting their customers in person and receiving your fantastic feedback!


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