Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Renata - spacious, versatile and adjustable

I created Renata 2 summers ago, to fill my search for a versatile slouch, which could be worn in several ways, and would look equally good, whilst at it.

Because I usually have more than just one requirement for my bags, along came the idea, that it would be nice, if it were able to change its shape, height and overall profile to suit various occasions.

Also, my disinterest in the use of 'bling' and hardware on the exterior, and love for knot decor took a stand for its place in the styling.

Renata's structure combines a Bucket bag, and a Flat satchel into one, utilizing what is best about both. The rounded bottom adds extra space without adding bulk; and slouchy top without side panels sits comfortably against the wearer's body, allowing them to move freely. It is still large enough to fit your work files, lunch, and an extra sweater....

Size and profile can be changed by snugging up the threaded lace on the side. Renata look equally great worn off the shoulder by the pair of top handles or across the chest by the long bolt-knotted shoulder strap. Has a comfy, somewhat hidden front pocket... Mostly no lining....

Perhaps due to its versatility and soft leather used for it, Renata became the 'underdog hit' of the Spring 2010 Intro collection, and so far, the leader of the on-line sales....

In the fall, we will be continuing to make Renata along with the Pre-Fall 2010 Coming Of Age collection bags.  An array of new colours will be available at my booth at the ONE OF A KIND VANCOUVER  show this December 9 - 12.

We will keep you posted...

Friday, September 17, 2010

The gorgeousness, that are the Virga bags!

Virga bags
My new Collection is slowly rolling out. Ironically, first it will appear in retail, than on my Page, because lately I have been making a lot of promises  to the Shops, that are kind enough to carry my bags, instead of actual deliveries.

VIRGA is the newest style to see the daylight. I sketched this bag to help survive the 16 hour long flight back from my home, Vilnius, Lithuania and was really excited about what I came up with.

Virga is named after a lady, who is a long time friend, appreciates simple, but genuine things in life.  Same stands for the bag - sturdy, simple, reliable.... It is a compact bag, that could be worn as a tote, or shoulder bag - either way you like it. As on most of my bags, the strap length can be adjusted, or removed all together and replaced with something else.

Strap tie
 During the few days that I have been wearing the Virga sample, I must say I am pleased with the comfort level the design gives, hanging off my shoulder and sitting closely and flush next to my side. I can put my hand over the magnet closure for extra safety on the bus or train, and yet, can stick my hand inside the bag, or the pocket, should I unexpectedly need an umbrella!

Orange Virga

The flap pocket is great for keys, lip balm, other small items. Several compartments inside for organization. As on all my bags, the strap has extra length for taller fits, but can be adjusted for the petites just as easily.

Fall shades....

Due to the nature of the leather I work with, some colours will be one of a kind, and some will come and go. The fall is in the air, and so are the fall shades - of Olive, Navy, Orange, glossy Red Brick; look out for them in the shops of my darling retailers - and on-line...

Olive Virga

Navy Virga
Orange Virga

Coming up - Brown/Black, Azalea and Burgundy...

Accessorize your Fall -

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My "What to wear" for Fall...

Seasons are changing inevitably, and most of the Fall fashion overviews have already been out for weeks, if not months. I will be brief with mine, and include a few suggestions about what most of us could get away with wearing this Fall and Winter without completely ignoring Fashion...

There are a few very interesting directions I noticed popping up for this colder season, that are worth going deeper into.
In any way this is not a call to be a 'fashion victim' sought after the 'latest' and the 'newest'; I am not focusing on particular brands for my selection of images (Ok, maybe preferences have been given to smaller, fresher brands, or those who did something outlandish to them (yay, Karl!)).

Also, remember, that new ideas in fashion are generated in the Indie world, and only later, marketed by the mass producers, and acquiring your fashion fixes locally is key...

Here we go!

Still around from 2 seasons ago:

Some of the last fall's nicer ideas are back again- like outfits quite directly translated from Menswear ;  or Layered look with very contrasting textures (boho, or not)the Maxis (long, forgiving coats and dresses)

Layers and Contrast (all seasons, night+day - in one)
Menswear  translations - beehive optional...
More Maxis
Maxi - cloud of hair optional too

But, there are a few looks I do not remember seeing last year, and was nicely surprised by, such as these:

Lady-On-A-Cruise-Ship No More!
Wearing clothes that actually match together has for a long been a staple of cruise ship riders, ladies, who lunch - or golf, - or both, - at one end of the spectrum;  and 8 year olds on the other.... It manifested itself in matching your shoes with your bag, your belt, your umbrella stick, your bangles, which would match earrings, that would match shoes - and in the extreme cases of offence - it all would match your sun visor! Usually white mixed with all too familiar nautical gold....
Matching returned this fall, but it could not be further away from its 80 year old predecessor. Here are some great examples of matching similar hues, colours into one, and getting away with it.
Grey - no gold and visor in sight...
Lotta Orange

Meet Your Milkman - these cinched, high wastes followed by a fuller skirt are brought back from the 50's. This is a very flattering look for most bodies, I am so glad to see it return decades later. This fall, wastes are cinched over full skirts, A-lines; all giving you 50's style curves and even generously revealing cleavages. This look must have been the reason why the MILKMAN was such a sought after 'profession' for youngsters at the time....
Good for work...

.. and fun

..and LBD occasions

FAUX, not Fox.... 
 Fashion, unfortunately, still uses a lot of pelts. But the good news to me this fall, was that some brands, which usually put out alot of fur clothing each time, actually discovered Faux. Faux definitely made its entry this year, being used as trims, adornments, accessories or clothing itself. Natural fur is beautiful on animals that are born with it. If you have to wear fur, pls, make it vintage or re-claimed....  And yes, same goes for leather...
Here are some absolutely adorable fauxes:
furry does not have to be cruel
both images - Chanel

Here we are - hope we all have a good fall. Enjoy the season, dress the way it makes you happy - and more importantly - dress warm!