Monday, May 30, 2011

A few things to be said about the Beach....

2007 - and ever since...

Living in Canada has changed the way I enjoy one of my favourite places in the world - an Ocean Beach... I no longer associate it with basking sun, air vibrating from the heat, hot white sand and bright water (and certainly, no Martinis!). Those images, ingrained into my memory since my twenties, have been replaced with a Northern steal-grey landscape, violet waves, lengthy tide and low skies. Air became cooler, the horizon became wider and less defined...

Pacific Rim sunset

 When I think of the Shore, images of rugged lines and stormy waters come to mind....

Shore line, Vancouver Island

I am so fortunate to having discovered these shores and their untamed beauty, and even somewhat adjusted my skin to the windchill, taught my eyes to catch every rare glimpse of the sun...

More than ever, I felt inspired to create a Beach line, reflecting my changed aesthetics, and a pursuit of softness, warming and life in this rough landscape, alongside all the other living creatures of land and water...

QtBeach was a dream - from the memories of a Northwestern Island summer, to longing for Spring over the cold seasons, to thinking of flying birds, setting sun, fleece, sand, and tirelessly wavy water.

On a cold early Spring day I dreamed of Summer...

QtBeach comes in glowing, mostly warm or saturated colours - Sand, Pebble Grey, Sunset, Night Blue, Lime Green and others... Sun, peeking through the oceanic fog lights up every shade on this windswept corner of the land, every tiny blossom, feather, riping berries, raindrops...


Lime Green

Pebble Grey
The basic, sharply rectangular shape of the tote is used to create resisting structure, strong, timeless and reinforced. I also made wide and long straps, to even wear it across the body. Instead of screen-printing animals, and embedding their direct images on the bags, I thought of how they moved instead. Cyclical movement of wings in flight, tales in the water, or bodies, gently rocked by the waves, have their motion recorded in the symmetric pleats; water glistens in the sequins and blossoms peek out of shade in the brightly coloured peek-a-boo zips...

Sea Blue

Night Blue

Lime Green/ Fuchsia

 Overall design turned out soft, flowy, but strong, as the landscape continuously waiting for the sun to warm it...  I could not have found better inspiration... 

It is great for the Beach, Picnics, Markets, Travel. Packs up and disappears when not needed.

**QtBeach totes in most colours are now available at the Webshop and PoppyHair Boutique in Vancouver.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

My weekend at EPIC Expo

EPIC expo is all about sustainable lifestyle, green solutions in manufacturing, fair trade, safe food and environment preservation.  I was extremely lucky to be a part of this show this weekend...

For three days Jola V. Designs was stationed at the Eco Fashion Marketplace, amongst other sustainable brands of BC.

 We showed off our new banners and a full colour range of rescued leather, canvas and denim purses.

Even though my ankles were complaining by the end of the day Saturday, it was all worth while. I met some great people, had some very supportive neighbours, talked to media and had our debut fashion show.

Eco-education is spreading wide in North America, thanks to the events, such as this one. Independent fashion has been long practising sustainability and waste reduction, and now we can encourage buyers and public to place their monetary vote on us, rather than mass produced goods, that often disregard both, fair trade, and the environmental impact.

The Runway show
I was pleasantly surprised to be invited to take part in the EPIC Runway series, in collaboration with the Vancouver Eco Fashion Week.  My bags made their runway debut, needless to say I was very excited and honoured! Here are all the eight looks by JVD for the Accessories show...




Sarah LF, Metallic
Sarah LF, Metallic

Nijole, Jewel Purple

Nijole, Jewel Purple

Sarah LF, London Mint

Sarah LF, London Mint

Virga, Brown Smoke

Virga, Brown Smoke

Renata, Syrah Industriale

Renata, Syrah Industriale


Oh - and, did I mention all the great drink samples I got to try, while at the show - juice, wine, beer and coffee! I did not know we had such amazingly tasting treasures brewed right in our own back yard!

Loved my weekend at EPIC and I am looking forward to returning to the show next year...

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coming Of Age comes to a close...

 Pre-Fall 2010 Coming Of Age is our second collection, I started early last year. I learned quite a few new skills while building it, shaped my aesthetics and continued to work around my limitations as a new craftsperson. Today, I still have alot to learn, improve and re-measure.

Last week I began sketching what will be my third, Fall/ Winter 2011 Collection, and, even, cut a few preliminary patterns - just to shred them two days later...  After a few days of re-designing and re-sketching, I think I can safely say that I have five completely new styles to be rolled out later this Summer. I will start cutting the new patterns as soon as next week!

My big Spring show, EPIC Expo takes place this weekend, and as soon as I am back home and rested, the new sample building will begin.

Now, as usual, in every transition from an "old" collection to a new one, I would like to hold on to a couple of bag styles from Coming Of Age, and keep making them alongside the new stuff. Some of you know, after discontinuing most of my Spring 2010 Intro Collection, I brought back Jaki Shoulder bag (see previous post), and Renata, re-vamped for 2011.

I would love some feedback to decide, which styles should make it into the Fall/ Winter 2011 season....

Here are all the styles in Pre-Fall 2010 Coming Of Age & Coming Of Age Fast mini-collection:

Sarah, Limited Finish

Virga TCB



Katie, The Bag


Wrap belt

When I look at this Look Roll, I realize, how small both collections are... I have a few ideas of what I THINK I would like to keep, but nothing yet is set at this point. It feels good to review your own work, and re-evaluate it...

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