Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Motifs - Spring 2010 Intro and Pre-fall 2010 Coming Of Age collections

I am excited to realize that it has almost been a full year of BAGS! In this snip of time, - and it did seem like a true snip - on random evenings, weekends, lunch breaks at day job, and wee hours of morning, I have been creating and sewing my favourite accessories... It has been an interesting year of ups and downs, as I had to eventually learn how to sew leather, find time to draft, grow and promote my line  - and that's been happening at the strangest times, locations and ways I could not even thought of.
Since the start - when I sewed my first ever Kerry bag (and it hardly looked like anything it does today), followed by a few grassroots models; my style has changed so much. I think I am slowly moving towards finding my looks, my nieche and trends, and learning to differenciate Inspiration from Impulses. 

Here's a brief look into a few new designs, to be included in my new Coming Of Age collection, that I am hoping to put together in time for Fall this year.

The "Ruffled Satchel" -  Pre-Fall Coming Of Age collection - is currently looking for a name. I thought I'd show it off at the Portobello West market this coming weekend prior to the whole collection. Comes in garment, upholstery and automotive leather grades. Currently in summer colours. Get 15% off of this bag at Portobello West for the blog readers.

Terri Ann -  Pre-Fall Coming Of Age collection - a compact yet roomy shoulder bag. Modernized Saddlebag styling - feminine and traditional country motifs will be present throughout the upcoming collection, along with my signature 'no-metal-hardware-and-no-lining' look... Mostly upholstery leather. Get 15% off of this bag at Portobello West as well....

And here are a few other bags, which I did not have images of  - as they were gone to their new homes or retail shortly since completion.....

Renata - Spring 2010 Intro collection - unadorned and beautiful...  Mostly light to medium weight upholstery leather. Worn both  - by long shoulder handles or messenger strap. Unlined.
The long rein of the 'Hobo' (or Western Rounded shape) bag in fashion is officially over, and Fall will find us switching to a cross-over between a traditional 'Bucket' - rounded spaceous bottom bag and 'Satchel' - a straighter soft top, securing and accommodating the space inside the bag, created by the rounded bottom. The new shape of the 'It Bag' for fall is more practical in terms of carrying storage space, yet preserved all the best features of the Hobo - soft shell and comfortable fit against the wearer's body.... Renata's features channel the practicality and looks of the upcoming season trend.

Also, a couple fo new one of a kind styles are coming from TRIFFtextiles.
'This Is Triff' - a large felted wool and leather tote, all materials recycled.
And a 'Sequened' mini tote, reworked of recycled sequened bag gottoms and leather.

Also, 2 limited edition 'Ball And Chains': Come and visit my booth at Portobello West market on 27th and 28th

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My retail and events update

This is what's been going on during my silent period! Now I am all geared up for action.....
Portobello West Fashion and Art market starts it's 2010 season on March 27 and 28th.

Rocky Mountaineer Station
1755 Cottrell Street

 It will be my second time vending at the market - this time along with the main Spring /Summer 2010 Intro collection, I will have a few styles from the next one to preview.

Look for a roomy and compact TerriAnn, shoulder bag with button closure; and a day-to-evening ruffled satchel athat's still to get it's name! I will be offering 15% discount on both these styles  - just mention this post!

I am also hoping to have first batch of re-worked vintage pieces to present at the market.

See you there!

 Also .......................

We had some expansion happening since the two shows and post holiday sale last year. I am excited to announce that my bags can now be found in these 4 retail locations:

Two Of Hearts Clothing Boutique

Two of Hearts Boutique is Located at 3728 Main St. Vancouver, BC
Store Hours:
Tues - Saturday 11am - 6pm
Sun 12pm - 5pm

   Dream Apparel And Articles For People           dream 311 West Cordova Street Vancouver, BC     little dream #130 – 1666 Johnston Street - Granville Island Vancouver, BC 604-683-6930            
Jipsi Clothing Movement 475 Cliffe Ave, Courtenay, BC                 
Hazel And Sid
423 Main Street
Ridgefield, CT 06977

Not so bad for the first year!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Update - after a somewhat lenghthy break...

Although the time I have not been writing, was anything, but a break.
There was a small backlog of custom orders, that needed to be cleared sooner than later;
Also there was Eco Fashion Week's opening event, closely timed with some Valentine's day themed socializing.

Then, of course came the Games.... And the city became an array of places to go to, events not to miss, fun to attend - and for the first time in many years I was quite literally - glued to the television. I even developed interest in winter sports!
And, as most of us perhaps did, suffered from Games withdrawal, once the two weeks were briefly over. Perhaps, not so much the Olympics themselves, as the change they brought to the city - the mood, the crowds and the cellebrations.

Somewhere in the middle fo all that I managed to place a few of my bags with a new retailer - the lovely Dream Apparel and Articles for People boutique - again, big thanks to Teresa from Dotted Loop for putting in the good word!

And that was followed by still on-going  leatherwork marathon to make up some stock in time for the Season opening show of the Portobello West market later this month, along with sourcing a few vintage clothing items to re-work and present at the show.
Then there was some furniture, shoe and supply shopping, and tending to my own health as well...
And did I mention that I also hold a day-job?

Now, things are slowly starting to fall back in order. The Market is still a few weeks away and I am really excited to have a couple of my fall preview styles to show off during that weekend. I can even think of relaxing an evening or two.
Also looking forward to the Women in Film and TV festival in April, showcasing a short film, called "Chocolate", directed by a friend of mine...

Oh - and just around that time, my tiny line of bags will hit its first anniversary! It was around April last year, that I've sewn my first oversized paisley - printed upholstery shopping tote, which I am using daily since then. That was followed by my fist dress, made from scratch in the past 10 years or so - and then, followed by a very naive version of the Kerry bag I carry today. The bag pattern has changed since then, but to this day I am very happy to have come up with this design....

I will have a Anniversary sale after Portobello. My Grassroots Model sale is still going.

So, keeping calm and carrying on. In the next few weeks it is my plan to schedule most of the shows I would like to exibit at this year - and squeeze in a trip to my homeland somewhere in between. Most likely in summer. Lots to look forward to. I am wishing myself a good year...