Saturday, August 22, 2009


Gee, I have no time to keep up - sewing or writing!
Well, a few things have happened since last I was here - after all I will be carried in my first store (in just 6 months of sewing 'practises'!!!!), and my on-line shop seems to be waking up after the summer - now if I could only manage to fill-in the store order on time!
I'll be back!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bad news - and good

Last two weeks have been all-over-the-place kind of weeks. To each custom order I fill-in, i lose two! Is that normal for all of us? I guess it means the potential 'clients' have not set their mind (yet?) on a particular item, or are still hoping to find exactly what they want - made and ready. Slim chances....

Then I had a BC boutique back out of carrying me due to my wholesale costs. Sigh. Things you need to be rady for - but I am still living in the glow of the moment when they all approached me... I am doind so little marketing - if anything could even be called marketing, so to get noticed by others was sure a treat for ego....

Anyway - not everybody backs out on me, and as a result of some good timing and pitching, I will be in the Portobello West market in December! I made it in and I am excited.

Here is a tiny preview of my spring line - these bags will not be on Etsy....