Monday, November 15, 2010

Alas, we finally have a Collection!

It is well into the fall season - colours, rain and crisp air.
My summery fun pastel colours have been long swapped for warmer, more "mature" shades.  Still, I am really late this year in rolling out the second collection, which was intended to be Pre-Fall...
When you are a starting artist, and a one person show with a full time day-job, your own growth can easily startle you. Even though I designed most of the styles back in very early spring, I could not keep up with sales and simultaneous sampling.

Some styles came out quite early, as I could not wait to roll them out, others took longer, as I was working with my retailers, attending shows, traveling or still tweaking some final ideas. But finally, we have a complete Collection...

Coming Of Age is the name of my second collection of handbags.
The name came naturally, describing the changes and learning milestones I have been going through since the first one, Intro, created for this Spring. Featuring five new bag styles and some variations to them, this collection is a result of my search for the look of my own, along with functional purpose for each item. I have finished randomly experimenting with materials, sizes and directions, have drawn my own lines and set preferences; and ended up feeling quite happy about the final result. The final Collection came out to be my take on Femimine within a tuned down modernized country setting.

The styles within the Pre-Fall Coming Of Age Collection are:

TerriAnn - compact and practical shoulder bag;

TerriAnn bag

Sarah - the famous ruffled Western shoulder sack;

Sarah bags

Katie, The Bag - my luxurious bucket, currently on a fundraising mission (follow the link for more info);

Basic colours of Katie, The Bag

Virga - a spacious and comfy tote/ shoulder rounded bottom satchel

Virga bags

and one more - yet unnamed bag (images coming soon).... - but will tell you, it is a shoulder bag with a button...

Also, a completely new product has been introduced this fall  -  a Wrap Belt. Easy to wear, suits all sizes.

3 cm wide wrap belts

But because of how small this collection is, with just 5 bag styles and one new product, it did not seem like enough... I did have some ideas of styles I wanted to try for, and eventually found some incredible leather to work with on those. I also wanted an additional creative challenge, now that all the designing was done, and times of production were about to start... 
I expanded the Collection with three more exclusive styles, that have formed a mini collection, called Coming Of Age FAST...

The three styles in the mini collection are:

Nijole - large sturdy shoulder slouch

Virga TCB - roomier, with two flaps and side panel;

Virga TCB Black + Orange

and Special Finish Sarah - just like standard Sarah, only comes in unique colours and has upgraded interior.

This sums up all the bags within the second collection.
Come and meet all of the bags in person at Portobello West this month 27 - 28th
and One Of A Kind Vancouver in December, 9-12th.

thanks for all the support throughout the year!


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