Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So, I may have leaked something...

Kitty peeking, source: Electrical Audio

... Those of you popping over to read my blog posts, may have noticed the slide-show at the top of the page... Currently, the slide-show is featuring my actual LookBook of the new Fall/Winter 2011 Cebrellex Collection of Handbags... The new designs will make it to the Web-site immediately after the official launch.. of which I will post soon.

The LookBook is here. Peek away.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Still on the Summer rhythm

Not a bad thing to be on, I guess - waking up to hot and hazy September days, fanning myself with newsprint and downing buckets of green ice-tea.

The issue is - well, who would ever want to work in this weather. All I am thinking is how great it would be to swim in the ocean, but there are some deadlines that are now creeping up quite fast, despite the holiday weather. The Fall shows will start as early as next week, fashion shows - for Spring (!) will hit Vancouver in about a month, then trade shows, public sales and then - Winter Holidays.

This weather is not the only thing slowing me down.

I am still stumbling around in my newly re-arranged work space, trying to get used to the new sewing machine, which arrived some days ago. For now I cannot seem to find my tools and supplies in their usual places, my cutting space has been reduced, because of the additional table - and.... the dealer, who sold me this lovely machine, failed to include it's oil, bobbins and, eventually one-sided feet into the shipment.

So, as a result, I cannot work, even if it was pouring and thundering outside. BUT - the little that I could do, before the oil got too low to run it, took my breath away. This new machine is incredibly smooth, slow and precisely timed. When, after a few days of break I sat back to the old one, I could not take how rough it was. Oh, and the tangles.... My designs are too sensitive to these inconsistencies, and I no longer can afford wasting time fixing them - especially, when the perfect beach weather is outside... So, I decided to put my worries to rest - and will pick up work again, when the new oil arrives.

And lately, I have been busy promoting my Handbag Sale on various eco-fashion web-sites. Thanks for first great week!

Time to shut down and go get some sun!

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Orange be the colour...

Orange is a great colour - a Fall one, or not. Looks like this year, it got finally noticed by the mainstream fashion, after over a year of brightening up the indie world. This week alone, I read at least three articles, depicting Orange, as THE colour for this Fall, and I am sure there's more to come.

And, it is everywhere - on sweaters, jackets, overalls, - socks -  and, of course, accessories. I am also glad to see it liberated from the "Resort" context, where it used to appear in the years prior, in forms of messy patterned caftans or itsy-bitsy clutches and bracelets, to go with someone's fuchsia hued track-suit.

Great to see it in the Fall season, where it belongs. Also, there is a beautiful range of Orange shades in mainstream - from burning Red-Orange, to True Rust.

Nature wears Fall Oranges well..

 So, wear it if you love Orange - regardless of what they tell you to wear. Nature has an amazing variety of Orange tones, that Fashion has made it's best attempt yet, to adopt.

Red Orange

From Yellow to Red

Sarah, Orange

Thursday, September 1, 2011

SALE! - Fourty percent price cuts for Coming Of Age handbags

Last time we had a real sale, was right at the very beginning of ... 2010. Back then I upgraded my equipment and sold off the very first, domestic machine sewn Intro SS 2010 designs.

Since, I had an occasional clear-out of left overs, last of it's kinds and so on, but those discounts were applied for no more than four purses at a time.

Now, with a new Collection on the way this fall, it is time for our second Real sale.... 

If you have been eyeing something for  months - or over a year, - now is the time to own it, as most of these designs will be subsequently discontinued....

Emma, Mahogany

So, as of the 1st of September, and for the next two and a half weeks, most bags from the Pre-Fall 2010 Coming Of Age Collection will be discounted by 40%. 

Same for TRIFF recycled felt handbags - also 40% off. 

Exceptions: the discount will exclude any made-to-order items (e.g. Kerry bags); Permanent collection (Renata bags) and Limited Finish only Sarah bags (regular Sarahs in my stock will be discounted).

This sale is on-line (Webshop) only. My lovely retailers are not part of it. The sale will close on September 18th.


Webshop Policies:
Please, refer to the HELP section of our Web-site regarding info on payment, return and exchange.
In brief, we accept PayPal or credit cards (pls., call 1- (604) 374-5462 for processing over the phone),
We will ship within 48 hours of purchase, anywhere..
14 days to exchange or credit an item in it's original condition (unworn, with protective seals still attached).

TerriAnn, Traditional

It may be your best chance to get a great deal on OOAK or, one of very few purses of it's type...

 Enjoy the browsing... 

Sarita, OOAK

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