Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Spring colour hunt

Even though the Holidays are not quite over, all those of us, making things, already are planning for Spring!  What I find quite amusing and frighting at the same time, is how short the Fall/ Winter season is in Fashion. As soon as the Boxing weeks sales, blow-outs and bonanzas are finished, the Spring and Summer stuff will flood the shelves of Retailers, trying to manipulate us into thinking, the cold season is now officially over...

During the very busy Fall and so far - Winter too, I have used up most of my leather supply, and this is the time to re-stock! Liquidation leather is tricky, as each time I make an attempt to source, what I think will work for the bags, it never means I will be able to find what I need.  For this Spring, my most wanted colour for leather is... Lilac..

Lilac, source Hortserv.

Either muted or radiant, matte or metallic - Lilac is still an unlikely colour to be spotted amongst the accessories worn on the street today. But some 4 years ago I had the same obsession about Royal Blue, which was nowhere to be seen at the time, but now is returning for 3rd straight Spring/ Summer season in form of tops, belts and even shoes.
My Kerry bag in Royal Blue was welcomed very warmly by my customers!

I believe I am just as right about Lilac - but let's find a orphaned, overstock hide first....

The closest I came to Lilac, was with my Dusky Rose coloured leather; a muted, calm rosy pink, I used past Spring.
Limited Edition Sarah, Dusky Rose

Sarah, Renata and other purses were constructed out of this beautiful understated light upholstery stock. Even though it took a while for the customers to warm up to the idea of wearing a version of "Pink", the bags left  the shelves quickly. I was also amazed of how well my OOAK shoppers were warming up to Fuchsia.

Lilac really has potential!

Sarah, Olive Green
This past Fall, my luckiest find was the single Olive Green hide, which was sourced for quite a few beautiful purses, Virga being one of them. I would like to continue on the Greenish front into Spring, and will update you as soon as something is found.

Hides! - taken on-site by Ayala Moriel
My other found shades for the Sunny season are different tones of Mustards, Yellows, rich Cognac beiges, Caramels, Chestnuts, warm Wines and Grays!

Even though on my first Spring leather hunt I did not find everything I wanted, I returned with some great season transition pieces, and one unexpected psychedelic Argentinian find.

Forecast - for all added Spring styles we will keep using fluid forms, keep the metal to the minimum, continue on the true Old World country look with multiple straps looping over one another, lots of threading and pleating....

There will also be new pieces for the Beach, made of recycled materials and more. You'll see...

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  1. Beach bags - YES!
    It was fun to be part of your leather hunting. Not an easy task. The Argentinian leather is every so interesting! Can't wait to see what you'll make out of it. It almost calls for its own design...