Thursday, December 23, 2010


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  Starting tomorrow I finally can take some time off - from Day job that is. The offices will be shut down for the week between Christmas and New Years, meaning more freedom for me - to sleep in, to not run around, to focus on what I love doing the most, which is working from home, on my bags.

Much of that time will be dedicated to sourcing new materials for the Spring add-ons to my Coming Of Age collection. Also, a few new ideas for Spring and Beach, I cannot wait to start bringing to life. And when I am not sourcing, planning, patterning, applying for the Spring shows, designing new business cards, sewing  or updating my on-line stock, I will be... resting.

Dundarave Olive Co - amongst my gifts!

Luckily, most of my own Christmas shopping is done - unfortunately, not the overseas mailing, which will have to wait till next week.... This year, I can proudly announce, that all my gifts are made in here, in BC!

I love the Winter Holiday season for its serenity. After sunset, there are not many things I would rather do, than light a lovely candle, turn the Christmas tree lights on,  and cozy up on the couch with a book and a glass of wine. Cliche, I know, but, this year I am looking forward to that more than ever...

Katie, The Bag Royal Blue
What a year has it been! Jola V. Designs has grown way beyond my wildest expectations, I am immensely thankful to all those who have been so supportive and generous this year. Next Spring we will mark our 2nd anniversary, and we would not have been able to get there without you!

The year of 2011 already looks promising, with possibly going part time at my day-job, so more time to work on the bags, and actually have the ability to get more in touch -  and keep up -  with my customers.

I am planning a few great Spring shows in the Vancouver area and some traveling and tanning for the Summer!

But, for now - a very well deserved Holiday season vacation!


  1. Well deserved indeed!
    But a little bird already told me you have some "work" related plans for your "holiday" and I'm pleased to be dragged along ;-)

  2. You'll have fun - or get scared... A bit of both, is what I usually find.

  3. Enjoy your vacation and all the best for holidays and in the coming year! :)

  4. Thank you, Ines - same to you!