Monday, July 26, 2010

Vilnius Street Style...

People watching at the Kudirka square fetched an idea for this post.

Onset of the work week and time to enroll in for higher education, sent locals straight home from their holidays, and to the streets of the City of my Heart.

It is a gorgeous early evening, after a hot day. I am entertained, somewhat unexpectedly, by singing of the Krishna worshipers of Vilnius - and their rhythmic variations of Hare Krishna/ Hare Rama are still ringing in my head.

I am after the street style here - and good news is, that its fresh, young and individualism shines....

Here is (almost) non-invasive compilation of what's in the street....

Great weather for pics - and accessories!

Riding in REAL clothes!

Enviably effortless....

Casual is fresh.

Love the suit!

Comfy and nice.....

Bag/ jeans/ shade combo...

Both,  classic, and new fits


My vacation in Vilnius is inevitably ending - and as I am sad to leave later this week, I am also excited to return to Vancouver and bring back all my impressions, beautiful sights and the fun I had with my family....

Vilnius pampered me with lots of sunshine (Ok, maybe a little too much), great food - as always - fun and friends....

...till the next time......

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where to buy....

Katie, The Bag
Updated WHERE TO BUY Jola V. Designs handbags list....

Directly from the Designer (soon):

Limited Edition Sarah

Dream Apparel and Articles For People

311 West Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC

Little Dream

#130 – 1666 Johnston Street - Granville Island
Vancouver, BC

The Velvet Room Boutique

2248 West 41st Ave,
Vancouver, BC

Two Of Hearts Clothing Boutique

3728 Main Street, at 22nd Ave
Vancouver, BC

Jipsi Clothing Movement

475 Cliffe Avenue
Courtenay, BC

This Is Triff
Hazel And Sid

4428423 Main Street
Ridgefield, CT 06977


Couldn't find what you wanted?
Contact us at:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monsoon season

Every heat wave eventually climaxes, and this one did with a bang! The Storm took the whole day to gather around, and crawled across the country Eastward from the West....  The thunder came as a warning from the skies, long before the storm got to Vilnius.

At about 9 p.m. the clouds covered the Western horizon, immediately the wind cut through the air, so moveless and moist just a moment ago. And then came the rain, fresh smell of Ozone - and the endless flashing of lightning, followed by a loud roll of thunder right over our heads.

I seemed to remember how violent the thunderstorms used to be here. But I have forgotten the sensations....  The storm was a great refresher for my memory - in my childhood I always thought they were very romantic; and the world wakes up cleansed after they're over....

Vilnius is an old city, with old drainage systems, and this storm brought so much water down, it was all too much for the good ol' pipes and tunnels to handle.

Immediately, the street my mother lives on, flooded. The water kept coming down, till the road, curbs, lawn and, finally, cars parked alongside the curbs, were nearly engulfed by the turbulent, violent stream, rushing into the lowest dip of the street, turning in a whirlpool and rushing back out.

Where four minutes ago there was a street, now was a river...
The most amazing thing I found, was that some drivers, caught in this sudden rise of a flood, still decided to take a shot at driving through it. Moments later, they joined, what looked like a "Saturday Night 'Push Your Dead Car Home'" party... no pun intended...

The luckier ones continued on lighter flooded sidewalks, lawns, or just turned around, while they still could.

Since I have never seen my Hometown turn into Venice of the North, I decided to capture this amazingly unfortunate event on camera, so, thanks to my mom and her arsenal of old shoes, I spend good thirty minutes wading in the flood thighs deep (I still offered help to push people's cars out of the water... and decided, if I end up renting a car, to never park on my mother's street again..)

I doo feel for the owners of these cars - but the evening was quite the sight, and as the rain eased, many onlookers wondered outside or peered out their windows at the spectacle, the kids came by to explore the warm water. Not even three hours later the water drained, and if not for the sand, washed up onto the curbs, you would not even know that something this extraordinary had happened.
BTW - the air here is heating up back to 30s again... We might see the cycle repeat itself...
I am so blessed!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

July heat wave sends my Homecity into sweltering standstill...

.... It has been three scorching days since my arrival to Vilnius, Lithuania, my birth city...
A large chunk of Central Europe found itself under a rising heat wave, with temperatures reaching 35-40 degrees C., intervened by rain and gail storms gathering from all directions towards the end of the day.

So far, my hopes for long walks on the streats of Vilnius, visits to my favourite craft, vintage shops and street side cafes have been postponed, as I could not last outside amidst the humid, seemingly moveless air.
Sidewalks, buildings, all the cars and every tree in sight were breathing heat...

Living in Vancouver for the past years, I realized that even I am not as able to survive, let alone embrace the heat of an Interior city. Being here these past days made me realize just how much I am attached to the Seaside, and endless flow of ocean scented air  ...
The month of July is the prime holiday season for Lithuanians, so it is quite usual to see the city emptying, as the locals travel to the shore of the Baltic sea some 4 hours away.

But this heat wave has completely cleared the streets. Those, who, like myself, somewhat unexpectedly, remained in town, chose to stay confined to their homes, air-conditioned shopping centres or took off to one of the nearby lakes... The only people I met during my short stroll from one shade to another, were groups of tourists, fanning themselves helplessly with their laminated maps, wiping sweat off their faces and hands.

I also ran into several wedding parties, positioning themselves on the shaded side of the Cathedral, and still sweating into their gowns and suits.

Street cafes, where once it was nearly impossible to get a table for a sit-down, were empty and quiet. Old town art market, gift shops and restaurants were just as empty. I could not help, but wonder, what does this weather, in addition to the plunged economy and high emigration, bring to the businesses of Vilnius...

But, on weekends, struck by a heat wave, the life is very different in Lithuania's West. Despite the high costs of holidaying there, locals and visitors celebrate their national sea coast and flood there on any occasion. With white sand beaches, and numerous cultural events during the summer, that is the place to be!

I really should have rented a car!

Now we'll just wait and see what other challenges my vacation to the hometown brings next...

(**these wonderful images, used for the post are NOT mine. The weather prevented me from exploring my city so far... Sources: Alix, NAdo, Nathan, Aiste, J.Kazanskaja - all acquired via Google Images)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recent Features

Lately I have been getting spoiled with other fellow Bloggers  taking time to feature styles by Jola V. Designs.

Fabulously Handmade altern fashion blog features Kerry in Deep Plum as a part of their study of Fringe as a definite Summer trend.

And MayDae  - a blog about fashion, home decor and design, selected SWAG! Ball And Chain in Red for Dae's picks of most worthy bags to switch your current one for....

Thank you, fellow Indie Bloggers! Please, keep up the great work shining light on small cottage industries, providing fashionable items of great quality and aspiration.

Crab Park - Downtown Eastside's Gem on the rise

Crab Park is a small stretch of grass and sand on the North Eastern side of the waterfront in Downtown Vancouver. With cruise ship and North Shore ferry terminal on one end, and the Port on the other; train tracks on the South side, and boat traffic busy waterways on the North side.

I used to look over the park of the Seabus, coming from the North Shore, but it wasn't until I moved to the Eastern part of downtown, that I was able to visit this tiny beach. It definitely is a beach - and Eastside's answer to the rest of the town with a strip of waterfront, dedicated to nearly each neighbourhood.

Not to say I was not cautious of taking my photoshoots to the Crab Park, as, after all, it is laying in the middle of Downtown Eastside, conveniently secluded behind a lengthy stretch of rail tracks and a ravine. Since not many residents know about the park, for a while it may have remained the last hub of all kinds of beach partying, during city's crack-down on drinking or using on the beaches and parks.

The crack-down induced cleanup paid off - what I found, was a restored, tidy and spacious beach, with a functioning water park and a playground, green grass and real west coast driftwood. This is a park where you can still take your canine friends of the leash to play, make a day for your little ones in and out of the water, watch and count all the ferries, sea-planes, cruise ships and other boats - and who knows, maybe even swim in the ocean one day....

You can even get work done while you're sunning - besides myself, taking summery pictures of my latest creations, I ran into a painter, sketching the scenery of the Port, a photographer, interested in tiny rocks on the slopes, a bag-piper and someone just meditating...

I am so glad to have a beautiful beach just minutes away from my new home, which enables me rest and work simultaneously.... And be home in a heartbeat to get on with the day's chores.

The best thing about Crab Park, is that at least for now, many new residents of Railtown, Gastown and other Eastside's neighbourhoods have not yet discovered it. So it will not be overcrowded here on those hot days, when the weather calls for a beach, yet crowds of Kitsilano or West End is less than your favourite side effect to a day in the sun.

There is, however, a parking lot at the foot of a bridge, connecting the access to the park with the rest of the town - for those coming from further away. Not surprisingly, the peace, cleanliness and doggie freedom of the park will attract more visitors inevitably.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

.......By this time next year.....

Lately, I have been trying to map further goals for my growing business, and my life as a whole.

There is more than enough that needs to be changed and worked on. 

The lack of my time, available to work on my business is the first thing on the list. Then there's the life and work balance I usually fail to establish; lack of work space in my home - and yet, luckily,  growing demand and interest in what I do.

Setting up a web-page for Jola V. Designs is my current priority, and and so is increasing my presence in direct sales events.

Last weekend I had a wonderful taste of what my life would be, once I faze out the day-job and make time for my business instead. I would actually be able to rest, spend time for myself again, and improve my social life, without the nagging guilt of "not focusing on business"...

I had a great photoshoot, the new bags went to the on-line store right after, then I went to the beach (yes, for fun!) and was able to catch up of housework  - and have a movie night!

Once the web-page is set up, retail is increased, and I am able to participate in more direct sales events, I am hopeful to not need to hold onto the day-job anymore.

I am hopeful, that by this time next year, I will be working solely for myself....

good luck to me

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Katie, The Bag is here

It took me a while - but finally a photo shoot for my new bag, Katie, has happened yesterday.

Handmade luxury...

Katie is not just a beautiful bag - it will help to raise funds for Adult Education financial aid at the University of British Columbia.

From each sale of Katie, the bag, we will make a donation to the Leone and Robert Hammond Bursary within the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Awards (see VANCOUVER SENATE MINUTES OF MARCH 3, 2010,

Made of beautiful, 3 - 4 oz. upholstery cowhide or suede in various finishes; closes with a magnet. Features a front outside pocket with floral decor; braided handles, that support it's 'bucket' shape and closure; can be worn as a tote, or across body, by the adjustable/ removable shoulder strap. Cotton lining, features 2 elastic supported pockets and 1 zipper pocket inside.

Measures Approx.: Length: 38 cm/ 15"
Length: 28 cm/ 11"
Bottom diameter: 29/14 / 11.5/5.5"
Handles to shell: 48 cm /19"
Strap length to shell: 135 cm / 53.1/4"

Currently available in Navy ( 3 oz finished light upholstery leather), Royal Blue (4 oz suede), Gold Tan (4 oz unfinished cowhide), Brick Brown (3.5 medium range finished upholstery leather). Other colours and finishes coming soon.

*** Leone and Robert Hammond Bursary: A $5000 bursary is offered by Robert Hammond in memory of his wife, Leone Hammond (B.A. 1946) to provide financial assistance for a student who demonstrates financial need in Education, Social Work or Music.
Pls, contact me if you have any questions/ need donations info.