Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day shifts, night shifts...

Even though I knew this time of the year will be busy, I did not quite estimate it right
Earlier, with two and some days till Christmas, with gifts still to be acquired; day job covered, aftermath of moving homes still to be tackled, and more boxes moved at the same time.

We're not entertaining this year, and that is a relief... If we could just manage the gift part...

With holidays so close by, any day job is a rush, and mine had been no exeption,- with alot of smarter or simply luckier people long gone onto their vacations, I was there scrambling in for them till the bitter end.

At home, besides the box city situation, I am trying to plan re-stocking for the spring season, shows to do, set up pace of work and see where it gets me.  
Also, starting on my other project, which both excites exhausts me, - my TRIFFtextiles line of ladies one-off bags, dresses, belts, scarves and other nick-nacks made of upcycled materials. In fact, just a few days ago I've completed first custom tote bag for TRIFF! A Christmas gift to my client's family member. Deadlines were tight... (First TRIFFtextiles tote debuted in teh Portobello West market earlier this month - have a peek at the garnet coloured knit tote with red leather reinforcer stripe in the centre of my table)

When I am not sewing, I am touring this fine city on a hunt for Felt-pelts - recycleable unique looking wool and cashemire sweaters I will later felt and rebuild into new TRIFF items; also shipping orders out, meeting clients in person, cutting leather-made parts for other artists`projects - and that`s all in the time-frame of 4 days before X-mas...

I wish I had been more in charge of things these past few days - but I guess from now on I will be more aware of the real pace of life around this time of year and plan accordingly. In the end - everything was accomplished; I had a great year and look forward to the upcoming one...

More creating, lots of restocking (as my Etsy sale really brought it), some expantion would be nice too - I hope that very soon i will be able to tell you about very accidental first Eastern US retail location;

Alot to expect, even more to do....

So for now - happy Holidays to all, and do not forget to have a breather every once in a while.. And follow your dreams -

Monday, December 14, 2009

The 'I Think You Bloody Deserve It' sale

So.. here they finally are - the awaited, and the hated, the innevitable and joyous; ranging and overwhealming; giving and rewarding - Holidays ....

Most of the bustle is in the past now - we know, not all of it though, but, hey - at this point last week things were far worse! All gifts are now boxed, the party food is either already in our bulging stomachs, or will very soon land there, so prevent the bulge if you can (you'll thank me later...)
This is the time of a slower pace, plan making, stretching your legs and... rewarding yourself too for what you've accomplished this year...  Give to yourself the one item you wanted and have a suspicion you will not get it from any of your Santas....

For us, things have been just as hectic up till this moment; but now, all our creative chores aside, we also kick back and reflect... All the Art Shows are done for the year, no more sales to pitch, stores to hound; by now we've attended all the Fashion Shows featuring our products; done are all trades, exchanges, re-stock runs - all in the past. For now...

With a few moments left till the new year, we would like to give back to our supportive customers, silent fans, and those who just are good at waiting... Don't rely on your Santas - get the item you've been lusting after for months yourself.

Announcing the 'I Think You Bloody Deserve It' Sale for one 8 day week only - December 19th to 27th on all items on my Etsy store! 
The discount is 35% - 45% off - so you get your wish and I get to start fresh in the new year, spreading the good word at the same time.
Shiping rates are regular; all store policies apply.

Be sure to keep me busy!
Shipment may not arrive in time for the X-mas gift unwrapping, but it will sure be there for your New Years parties...

The sale is short; and on the 27th, at midnight, all bags of Intro 2010 Spring collection will go back to their regular pricing.

Monday, December 7, 2009

My debut at Portobello West Market!

This weekend, Dec 12th and 13th
is your last chance to complete a stress-free and fun handmade Holiday gift shopping at this year's very last Portobello West market!
With over 110 vendors under one roof - you will for sure be able to snatch a gift for everyone on your list - and yourself.

Locally made art, jewellery, clothing, accessories, toys, widgets and other fun items will be up for grabs for the very last time before the X-day; and then we are all taking a break till re-opening in March next year.

Come and visit Me - and my wee leather friends on my debut weekend at this wonderful market! 

My bags - big and small - make a unique, practical and beautiful gift, that wil not break your budget, yet will be long remembered.

Portobello West is taking place at:
Rocky Mountaineer Station

1755 Cottrell Street
Vancouver, BC

Admission :$2
Map, directions, vendor lists and other details, incl. free shuttle from Main street Skytrain here!

See you all there!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kerry - suede fringe bag (Royal blue

This one will also be made available for grabs at Portobello next weekend! (That is my tomorrow's project, if I'm lucky)

Jaki Tote

Jaki Tote - Burnt Red
Jaki Tote - Burnt Red,
originally uploaded by jolavdesigns.

REALLY trying to re-stock for Portobello West next weekend - especially on those in black..

Still, 15% discount on all Jaki range stands for those who mention this blog post...