Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prepping for OOAK

My first Spring season show will happen across the country from where I live - in Toronto. The One Of A Kind Spring Show and Sale takes place between March 28 to April 1, and we will be there with the new Collection, and some of the Spring and Summer ad-ons.

Working full time at the day-job created some additional pressures to make enough product, meet deadlines, pre-plan and pre-think everything needed to make this show worthy. Can't wait till I re-gain my half-time in just over a week...

But, beside a few 'fits' of occasional anxiety, and cancelled social get-togethers with friends, I have been coping just fine, even managed to create some completely new items to bring to the show. I have also dreamed up my booth display, and already started the decorating work.

Because I will travel by air, my display must be as compact as possible, collapsible and light. I will show it to you all, as soon as it is ready and set up some six weeks away. Same for my bags, that will take their first trans-Canadian group trip...

The pictures below are of what I have been busying myself with...

Re-purposing men's (and ladies' ) jackets... into OOAK Sarah bags.

Floral embossed suede/ leather jacket: that symmetrical cut is completely accidental!

Now, with ruffles

Beautiful pattern in the back

Completely new design -  zipper clutch bags built from re-purposed jackets (pictures coming)...

Side A and B

Same beautiful pattern

My decorations: the Booth will have fresh colours of white and blue, just a little 'sailor' themed

My wind streamers... I may not have any wind at the Show, but they will pop against the white Show curtain

Table cover - vintage crocheting over white silk mix fabric

We are very excited to be visiting our Eastern friends - many more details about the Show are to come up in this Blog in the next few weeks.

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