Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thursday Day Trip

My job share of the past year ended last week. Now, I have to scramble through the month of February of full time day-job, till things ease up again in March, as I begin my "personal leave" and go back to half time.

Wanting to make the best out of my last half week, before a month of running a job and a business simultaneously, I treated myself to a Vancouver Island trip. I set out to Victoria, for a very overdue visit to the Rad Juli  flagship store and workshop.

Rad Juli is a fellow leatherworker and a friend, who, to the envy of all of us in the handbag etc. biz, has recently  moved into a new gorgeous studio with a storefront space, and even a display window.

She specializes in unique, one of a kind accessories for ladies and gents, built from all kinds of rescued and found materials. She has built following with both, Mainland and the Island arts community, as well as loyalists outside of Canada. More about Rad Juli's creative process and her work-space - on her blog,

image source: Radjulionline
After a bus ride through Victoria, which I really enjoyed, I was treated to a sunny walk down Bay street, not too far from Victoria Harbour. The neighbourhood there is historic and industrial, streets are narrow and windy; and after just a minute on Bay street, I felt like I was back in North England. I would not mind to be taking that walk daily - to work.. Or, at least, on sunny mornings..

Location: 2626 Bridge street, Victoria, BC

And, we're finally here! There's the bright sandwich board on the sidewalk - I must be in the right place. Apparently, I am not the only one visiting...

Tubs of hardware - I did not come in empty handed. Part of the charm of being an accessories person, is to be able to share with your friends all the good resources, suppliers and steals you come across. I salvaged this hardware from a day-coworker of mine, and some of it seemed right for Juli.

The storefront fills up with visitors and clients. So helpful to have that beautiful display window, overlooking the walk-by traffic. Sigh... The Rad Juli flagship store carries her own designs (handbags, belts, gloves corsets and other accessories), as well as vintage clothing, accessories and finds.

She's in action! Juli wrestling a bison side into a gents' traveling cross-body. I always find it amazing to watch other people work. Out of the blue, they do something really smart and I sit there, wondering, why hadn't I come up with that ages ago!

That was a very inspiring trip, and a healthy change of environment for me. It had my head spinning with wishes, ideas and plans for my business.

Radjuli Custom Designs
Studio/ Store
Tue - Sat 11 - 5
106 - 2626 Bridge street, Victoria, BC
V6T 4S9

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