Saturday, February 4, 2012

Alex Petit

I have been working on a unisex bag for quite a while, with little to no success, and Alex Petit was one of those attempts. But, even though the leather I use for this design is far sturdier and rustic, the size of this bag would take it right back to the ladies' side of things. And, so would the knots.

I initially worked on two sizes of Alex, but the larger version of it resembled a laptop bag, especially, since I first intended to use a magnet for closure, instead of the button. Laptop bags are nearly the only bags men carry these days (besides gym duffles), but, to me, unfortunately, a laptop bag encompasses everything, that is boring about mainstream menswear. I had no interest in making more laptop bags.

After the small Alex prototype was finished, I decided to shelf the design, and continue drafting ideas for a unisex bag (I eventually landed on this one, but that design will get it's own post). I tied many knots and swapped the magnet closure idea for a vintage button...

Alex Petit was a small - definitely, - ladies bag, and, even though it had a very different look from all my other work, I did not see it as a part of my third collection.

Antique Brown

As the Collection progressed, I created the other styles, and assigned colours to each of them. Alex Petit remained just a prototype, a one-off purse, meant to go straight onto the sample rack... Until I first showed it this past summer.

Oakwood, Prototype

The prototype found it's home at the Harmony Arts Festival in July; I also took a few orders for it and shortly made the first Alex Petit batch, still somewhat surprised about the response to a bag, not much bigger, than a wallet. This style also flew of the rack at the shows to follow, and I guess by then, I was convinced to keep it.


Alex Petit has now several leathers assigned to it, and is the last design of FW 2011 Cebrellex to be finally listed at the Web-shop. It has been going just too fast!


Raw edge finish, compact and adjustable, with a small zipper divider inside. Simple. Not a laptop bag...

Antique Brown

Black suede

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