Monday, March 5, 2012

Daily Zen

Sea waves, source: Sky Wallpaper

It could be today’s beautiful sunshine, which came out of nowhere; or some new developments and recent events, that affected my mood today; or is it plans that have started to take shape in the past couple of days, -  but I feel as though I have been infused with oxygen.
Maybe, also, it is because I have been surrounded with support, anywhere from friends, who can not only listen, but also advise; to the most inspiring quotes popping up, when I need a shot of wisdom; to making progress in my preparations for the One OF A Kind show and the Toronto trip.

I recently read that plans and projections are really dreams with deadlines, and, sometimes, numbers... Some self doubt is normal and oh, so productive...
Two days ago I listened to a show, where a caller had shared her life experiences and said, that the things you want would not magically come to you, and you have to go get them instead. After all, we live only once, and it is definitely worth to give your best shot for the job you want; the place of your heart pull; the people you care for; or anything.
Recently I came to an understanding , that, although I may have lost battles in the past, I just might be getting closer to winning the war...  Using your experiences and story for making it easier for others, enables you to forgive and re-connect. Baby steps and patience will wear off your obstacles and let the rest of the world to catch up with you.
I also have overcome a month, quite pressed for time and subsequently, tough on my health. So glad to once again be able to focus and tend to what’s important.


In any tough moment I will remember today, and how it felt. I am excited for this year...

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  1. Glad to hear that you are doing better. I am excited for you and what is to come! You will be blessed.