Monday, January 18, 2010

Your low-down of some excellent clothing trends for this spring

More and more days feel like spring time in Vancouver. Quite a contrast from last year, when we were covered with deep snow, which had blackened and turned porous over the weeks.

This year, there's the sunshine, the rain, the birds and that way-too-early-to-be-around warm wind. I am already thinking of Spring - and so do alot of us, I am sure. Spring clothing is sheepishly appearing at the stores, bringing back joyous mood and lighter colours.

I feel somewhat obligated to give the audiences a fair summary of what to look for in order to stay on top of trends this spring. This post will cover the Overview- traits, spotted amongst global Brands, that impact and lead us into each new transition - be it a simple season change or arrival of a new direction in apparel. I will not focus on labels, but rather looks.

Each outfit - or, even better - each single piece - combined of not only patterns that differ, but also very different or opposing materials and textures. Pair modal with knits, silk with linen, tweed and lace, leather and jersey - stiff with flowy, masculine with feminine, solids with remnants - all good, as long you thought those ideas could never work together - they CAN (despite what your grandmother or boyfriend says)!

There is also a Military direction to it - when flowy fabric tunics or dresses are tamed with structured blazers, featuring army style finishes.

Avoid: colour clashes. They by no means have to match, but to go is neccessary.
Where to buy highstreet: This is an easy one - dress here, jacket there - mix things from different brands + add DVF

FLORAL - and the more vintage looking, or closer to the 60's wall-paper look - the better! This look has been around for a while, and this spring it is bringing some new cuts and new appreciation of vintage. Also, the dreamy 'Cruise' floral is growing, (whether is a good thing or not), along with modernized, or so called 'Translatable"  florals, most of which we will see in our retail stores shortly. Those are the prints that will suit most bodies and colour pallets. However - if you are picking a more fashion-forward floral, consider your statue more than anything else. Classical rule is that large prints can over-power petite frames. Sometimes belting a big pattern floral dress does the trick for petites. Here are my pics:

Avoid: Overpowering - if you're petite - break up a print with a belt, scarf or blazer.
Head-to-toe floral - is just wrong
Where to buy highstreet: as much as I've seen - the leader is H&M. And vintage......

Some version of BOHO - I am so glad this theme is still around. I solely give this trend all the props for "teaching" me how to dress; and inspiring me to love the world the way it is. Layered, ever-changing, independent, untamed. That is MY version of Boho.
This year Boho channels a few other directions and is losing it's primary 'stark' version - we're not seeing quite as many pon-pons, symbolics and headbands. But the appeal is there, as it always has been. So, be wild, bold, laid back, eco-grunge-chic, or downright crunchy -  and  - at the same time - incredibly tasteful....

This year may be the last one that we're talking about BOHO as a trend. Environmental awareness, recycling and all thing eco-chic have put this movement onto the Shelf of Timeless, next to Classical style and functional Sportswear. BOHO will always be around as a direction, rather than temporary fashion trend. Amen to that - and may your purse never match your outfit!

Avoid: inapropriate pics for your environment - some versions are suited for work, but some are just not.
Over-doing: head-to-toe grunge sometimes is a failure, too many layers can over-power YOU.
Where to buy highstreet: Start with Vallue Village, rework your finds and add new pieces as you go.

MINIMALIST - Usually, when a fashion direction is present for as long as Layering and Volume have been around, there is a fresh 'opposition' rising eventually. That's why this spring new, cleaner, looks were spotted on runways. No co-insidence, we're starting a new decade too. For some artists, this is a way to start fresh and minimal, shedding all the layers and embellishings, and reminding us that less is more.

Clean lines, focus on tailoring and exposing craftsmanship rather than additives...

Yet, not only craftsmanship is exposed.... There is a body-concious line within this trend. Some clothes are tailored to closely fit the body and mimic it's lines. So all eyes are on the wearer, the clothes supplement, rather than over-take.

Avoid: colours that wash you out. Also, if you're curvy, broken -up separates work better than solid strech fabric pieces.

Where to buy highstrreet: Hmmm, try Contemporary section of Holts, American Apparel, Pure And Simple line at Life Of Riley, also - great BC designers such as Toggery & Two Of Hearts.

DRAPED  - some Grecian versions of this look has been around since about 2004. But this year the focus is on draping rather than cultural influences. I personally love this trend, because it works for the most body types. Keep it light and fresh.

This type of clothing cunstruction, if selected right, allows us to seemlessly 'hide' the parts of our bodies we are not happy with. And if paired with solids, this trend can look very professional and personal at the same time.
 Avoid: Like anything new, this idea can be easily over-used.  When you're not sure apply the 'less is more' rule. Also - it is important to try these clothes on while you're moving. Space permitting, take a stroll in and out your changeroom, to see how the flowy materials move with your body.
Where to buy highstreet: hmmm... this is a tricky one - mainly because it may take a while till this trend reaches our shores. For now, your best shot is at Zara.
Should you venture abroad - try TopShop, as they're always ahead of many other stores with their fun and fashion forward ideas.

So, these are the main four avenues that stood out in the spring run-way shows. There are other, additional directions, that were also spotted - like the return of bright colours, mixed prints and safari look, that has been around for a while.

As buyers, our task is to pick what suits for us and make looks our own. Plan and enjoy your wardrobes!

In the next post I will try to cover local, BC indie brands and fashions. BC is marching to it's own beat, when it comes to fashion, and I will try to summarize the new and fresh ideas that appeared in our back-yard in the past few weeks.

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