Thursday, January 28, 2010

There's good everywhere - you only need to find it - lol (my nearly Andy Rooney moment, directed at Independent Fashion Bloggers)

I am usually tough on so called 'Independent Fashion bloggers', especially if they call so themselves... Usually for the mere lack of purpose to their mission.

Independent Fashion Blogger.... - commonly someone beyond that kind of 'title' is female, usually a student (hence the time on their hands for all the blogging & unloading pictures..), proudly supported by their working family; has true passion for keeping tabs on their latest purchases in junior stores, taking generous loads of pictures of themselves in several outfits each time, and sharing them with their elaborate network of virtual friends, throwing in a few brands or names of fashion icons in their scarse comments to create references...

I am often wondering what exactly makes these bloggers 'classify themselves' as  independent?  Independence in their direction and fashion creativity? Hardly. They are not setting fashion trends or creating them - usually their wardrobes  - and therefore - sources of blogging material -  are fuelled by teen or discount stores, where 'the finds' were picked-up on shopping-sprees, focusing on pure quantities (the more - the better), with little regard to quality of the purchased item, it's propriety or purpose.

Main target is either on a manufacturer's brand, or discount received. Often, boasting about baggin'-up a dirt-cheap couterfeit accessories fills pages of 'independent fashion'. Title Independent is most likely drawn from the lack of authorisation/ or endorsement by a reputable source to one's writings on internet....

Another word that 'gets me' about this title, is the very word 'Fashion'.

If you photograph clothes, then you think you must be showcasing fashion. Well, in the eyes of those creating fashion, what you really are showcasing is your own wardrobe  - and oftentimes, mis-use of the aspiring items.
Junior stores do not create fashion, they mass-produce it. And so do the big brands, and as a result of this consumerism is disquissed as passion for fashion. And mainstream marketing campaigns of air-brushed pictures, and models striking stylized poses - get these copycats to attempt some home version of the same  - and then, unfortunately, to put it all out to Internet for us to see! Lack of regard for fashion, along with lack of regard for purpose of the whole ordeal, leave a bad taste of purely narcicistic intentions beyond these photoshoots, as well as an indirect way to boast about yourself.

Do IFB's live to buy? I suggest that all the 'Independent Fashion Bloggers' I've described here, to be re-named to Fast Fashion Bloggers (slightly better than Consumerist Bloggers )- and they can stay Independent, if they like .

Here's a few suggestions to upgrade yourself in Blogging - from Douchebaggery to Fashion.

If you consider yourself any kind of fashionista - even more so  - independent fashionista   - then look to the Independent - to the grass-roots of fashion in the jungle of indie art.
Fashion is given birth toitself right there, during the countless scavanges and re-works of thrift items; discovered hiding in dingy craft shows, amongst the vast pages of . That awckward, one-of-kind (very temporarily, as we know), unseen before, item, that none of your friends seem to have (this year - or next) - that's THE fashion item, the trend setter - and not a follower - generate from Inate inspiration, rather that 'as seen on...'  (and copied from) - that's what you should be aspiring to. The originals, not mass-produced copies. Big brands and chain stores popularize trends with their cash, as well as steal them - but it is Us, Indie Artists, that discover them in the first place, before that item became 'the season's Must Have a few years later. Blog about that - even if you're wearing the item in your pics! We'd forgive you.

Do not support counterfeit market. Copying someone else's designs and selling them as your own, is stealing. Buying stolen items is supporting the thieves. If this is hard to comprehend, imagine someone getting wind of your original grad outfit and showing up wearing the same one - claiming they created it themselves.

Also, copying someone else's designs, producing a far inferior copy and selling it as THEIR product, is not only stealing, but degrading too. Designer quality items require hard work by highly skilled people. Inferior, cheap, copies undermine value of the originals, due the the price disperities and lack of consumer education. They also degrade and tarnish the work of designers by the poor quality involved in mass produced copies, that claim to be the actual originals.. Never ever buy a counterfeit - there are lots of alternatives to funding a purchase of an original, or getting your 'brand fix' through buying an alternative item in the same fashion house. OR - possibly there are other items, related to the same trend around already - you just have to find them...

Overall, if you love fashion - show it as art, rather than tool to express your narcicistic  needs. Post pictures of other people sometimes - especially if they do fashion  better than you. It takes a hero to admit it!

Also - be concious of the environment. Buy natural, healthy, fairly made and traded, and cruelty free fashion only - the one you'll keep for a long time, and not one you'll discard to landfill once the photoshoot is viewed by more than 6 people... And obstain from buying all over again, sending your money to chains, which hide sweatshops, cruelty, plagiarism and child labour behind their countless quantities of identical products.

Include one of a kind items in your looks - they're especially easy to locate in Thrift stores. You'll never find an item, identical to what you've found in Thrift store, again. And - use DYI items in your looks. They'll be uniquely yours, and you will -  at least for that one photoshoot - be allowed to clai that you create  fashion!

Work with looks, specific to your cultural, religious or environment  needs  - and stretch them, byt integrating pieces that you like into your attire, shaped by cultural norms. Research your possibilitities and give advice.

Be the first - do not be a narcicistic follower. Bring meaning to the messages you're subjecting us to. Create, love and support art - not just plain consumerist douchebaggery. Sources are out there - just find them. look furhter than yourself - look to fashion!

Be a fashion blogger - an advocate for Fashion.

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