Friday, January 22, 2010

Big day for a small brand

Talk about bragging rights - my merely 9 months old line just may get another micro expansion. A third retail location! The lovely Two Of Hearts Boutique on Main street.

Really thrilled to finally sell locally! For someone who hardly does any major PR - or any PR for that matter, just as little marketing; and all design, production, purchasing -alongside a full time demanding job, this attention is not only a surprise, but a case of overwhelming.

So the day looks somewhat like this:
  • dropping off several of my 'creations' at the boutique
  • collecting packages that finally made their way in from around the globe, carrying goodies, ideas and inspirations
  • signing up for a day-job related, yet interesting class;
  • returning home and designing..... fall stuff. (I cant even think of fall in this weather - my mind is in the spring!)
  • major replenishing, sweat shop-like sewing marathon for the rest of the weekend, if cold does not cripple me. 
  • oh - and applying for another major handmade show - gee, I am not sure if I can pull it off...
Thank all of  you for finding me....

Pls, visit my bags alongside lots of great locally made pieces of clothing, jewellery, accessories and art

Two Of Hearts Clothing & Boutique

3728 Main St.
Vancouver, BC


**ps - fall stuff is nowhere in my head...


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