Saturday, January 9, 2010

Grassroots styles' sale

With spring upon us very - hopefully shortly, - I reviewed all the styles of my bags based on your responces,  my equipment improvements, growing construction knowledge and my overall creative direction.
I have decided to retire some styles or re-design their original form.

This is the kind of process that goes on throughout your life with art, as I  believe the strongest warning sign of 'burning out' is when an rtist starts to think that they're fully happy with what they're doing, and rom for change and search is little.

In the next several days I will run the GRASSROOTS STYLES' SALE on my Etsy page. Again, my favourite 35-45% off discount of selected grassroots, mostly one of a kind bags, that will not be repeated...

Great for individual purchasers and re-sellers!

Watch for further announcements...

1 comment:

  1. I am actually a few steps closer to starting the sale - took picutres and developed brieef descriptions for the bags. So, it is coming - i ave not forgotten about it.