Sunday, October 20, 2013

A simple serendipity..

A couple of weeks ago we built this bag:

(Renata in Cognac Jacket)

A part of a 3/4 length vintage coat was used to build it, and we admired to two-toned colourway of it, the sturdy, crease resistant leather and the snap buttons, some of which had to make it onto the bag.

Now, through our practice, which of course, has not been very long, especially, interpreting vintage coats and re-constructing them into bags, the chances of finding ANOTHER coat, just like we used before, are very slim.

Knowing, that many of these garments are a couple of decades old, made and sold in completely different times and quantities, those chances are merely non-existent. Sometimes they are imported from other parts of the world, too. That's why they are in such a high demand with contemporary accessories designers - for their uniqueness and rarity.

That's why we were so surprised to find another coat, just like the one we nearly used up a few short weeks ago...

In another part of town, and the tone of the jacket was slightly different, the two-toned bottom part was more monochrome, but it was the same model, size and series! Same beautiful slant pockets, buttons and collar.

So, this means that there are doubles - not many, but there are. This sure gives a little hope to a Custom Service client, who missed out on snagging a beautiful interpretation of a vintage garment.

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