Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Your Choice, 2013

Appropriately for today, we look back on the 4 designs that our shoppers (You!) chose for themselves throughout 2013...

No. 4
A simple, re-made saddle bag meets a large wallet. Sturdy leathers, long straps and a cute button. You chose Alex Petit for your casual needs, making our 4th best selling design this year. Created in 2011, this little side-kick is still going very strong.

Alex Petit

No. 3
Strangely, we didn't always have enough of this design  in stock. The leather for it would have to be fluid, and interesting, pliable and strong, and that was not always easy to find. Thanks to some of you, who came looking for this bag, we adapted it to its latest edition - built from recycled garments. On came button-holes, different pockets, sleeve details, and looks, not tried in the years past. Dating back from our first year in making, and landing a deserved spot in the Permanent Collection, Renata is our 3rd best selling style (in fact, it came very close to being No. 2).

Renata: recycled jacket (left) and upholstery

No. 2
An equestrian cross-body, that came to be your favourite right from its first appearance in 2011. Long straps, expandable sides and simple, strong construction. It was a great year for this style: the following grew at our trunkshows, through amazing work and knowledge of our retailers, and at the art shows. With upgraded leather and lining, Permanent Collection's Khela is our most high-end piece, as well as our second best selling design.


No. 1
Once again, this spot belongs to our favourite (and yours, too) 4 year-old. First coming along in 2009, this design instantly became our classic. Part of the Permanent Collection as well, it is not leaving anytime soon. Having undergone several shifts and transformations over the years, this design is now built exclusively from recycled garments, with all the bags being, essentially, OOAK. This design now has so many different looks, pockets, details, and no two bags look the same. For the fourth year in a row, you chose Sarah as your first choice of handbag from our line...


Thanks for your support in 2013 - we're already very excited for what the new year will bring...
Happy and safe New Year from JVD.

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