Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall season with the Permanent Collection

The Fall season is upon us, with its earthy tones and fresh scents of harvest.  It also means, preparations for the upcoming Holidays.

The Fall is the most plentiful season for Accessories, and each time it comes around, there is excitement – to see the new collections of our favourite handbag, hat, scarf, perfume, beauty and clothing labels, along with discovering great new ones to add to lists.

Our Fall will be all about the Permanent Collection this year (Sarah, Renata and Khela bags), accompanied by new smaller accessories.

Sarah and Renata designs have been in the works, with many of them built from reclaimed vintage garments. The two styles are quite adaptive and make for unique interpretations of the source properties. Slant pockets on an 80s style men’s coat can become great fast access pockets on Sarah bags, giving them the tomboy edge; a multi-tone leather from an Italian tailor can create a truly OOAK look for a Sarah; or an industrial snap detail and chunky filled button holes can transform a Renata to a utilitarian satchel to last three more decades.

Renata, Oje Kappel

Sarah, Black Jacket

Renata, Cognac Jacket

Sarah, 70s Brown

We love our recycled garment purses. Each of them is an interpretation of the source, highlighting the best features of it; rather, a tribute to the source.

Sarah, Black Melanosa Jacket

Sarah, Blue Melanosa Continuum

The Khelas will rotate in colours, phasing out some older shades, for newer ones, further showing off their polished silhouette and understated details. The mid-weight, inspired by equestriennes, remains one of our most coveted designs. We might even try our luck in bringing back the one colour, that started it all for Khela in 2011. Stay tuned in 2014.

Khela, Black

Khela, Granite

My favourite inspiration shot
Small accessories: we’re debuting our key-chains this Fall, for your gifting ease. Limited edition Latigo leather and compact cowhide tag key chains in several shapes will hit the retail shelves soon. You can view and purchase them directly from the hatchery here.

Small Key-chain, Tan

Latigo Key-chain, Tan

Pssst – we expect to have a new Collection ready to go for pre-Fall 2014, but the early styles will peak out here and there as early as the new year.

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