Saturday, February 26, 2011

TerriAnn bags get a new look for Spring

The styles I have originally created for the Coming OF Age collection, are the base styles, many of which can be easily altered for changing seasons or moods. This allows me to expand and play with the collection, without making it too extended or in-concise.

TerriAnn is a modernized Western Saddle bag, which proved to be very receptive to small changes on its original look.

TerriAnn for this Spring will be lined, as this allows me to use more types of leather to produce them, without worrying that the sueded inner side is too soft and eventually may shed. I also included a small pocket into the interior.

Along with that, I decided to use magnet, in replacement of the sixties style button, as the leathers I chose for these bags call for clean, linear finish.

And, I am most excited about my Summer Edition TerriAnn, with my, now perhaps, signature, pleated flower.... The floral TerrinAnns will come in a variety of colour combinations - on which I will write a separate post, once I have them all made and photographed....

And, there will be a few One-Of-A-Kind TerriAnns, made using several different leather and suede types and other smaller pieces of materials.

Latte coloured Distressed leather

Traditional leather and suede TerriAnn with a buckle

Summer Edition TerriAnn in VINO - deep, wine coloured shell with bright red flower detail

... and there are more new handbags and new editions to come shortly...


  1. Very nice - love those!!!
    Especially, the one "Latte coloured Distressed leather" and even the one with the flower. Nice color.

  2. Thank you, Ann - I love the distressed look too. It is like, the leather has sort of always been around, but I did not do much with it, till now. And, now, I am so glad I did.