Sunday, February 6, 2011

QtBeach - my first ever real beach tote!

Island Beach State Park, NJ - source FreeWalpapers

I love the beach --
it always has been one of my favourite places to pass time, relax or restore.  Having done quite a bit of travelling in my younger years, I have noticed, that I have always been picking places near some kind of  beach to stay at. The best vacations I have ever taken, have had the ocean, beach or a resort life in the mix. Or the mental pictures of moments from different eras of my life, stuck deep in my memory, have images of a sunset on a beach..

I have great love for the Ocean, from its soothing smell, to wild stormy roars and sprays, along with uncontrolled power of the moving water, that inevitably reminds me of my own fragility, mortality and yet, belonging to the Nature at the same time...

Each year, I cannot wait for the warm seasons to return, and always make various plans on how I would like to spend them...

For this coming Spring/ Summer season, I just had to make a real Jola V. Designs beach tote! And so, slowly, I designed the prototype below - a fun, simple, washable canvas tote, that could be worn not just to the beach, but also shopping, overnight travel -  and then packed away into a suitcase when needed. I use no stiffener, so this tote is sturdy and reinforced when worn, but also very compact, when packing.

QtBeach, our new Canvas Beach Tote --

QtBeach, in Pebble Grey and Neon Yellow

 QtBeach is a large tote bag made of mid-weight cotton canvas. I made two deep side pockets at each end to separate smaller necessities and easy access when carrying. The straps are longer than in most totes, so this one could even be thrown over your shoulder, if needed.

QtBeach, in Pebble Grey and Fuchsia

And, true to myself, l had to make it a fun bag - thus the two rows of fun ruffle detail in the front, with parts of reclaimed zippers for a pop of colour.

QtBeach - its "Cute", also "on the QT" (meaning, quiet, understated - like most of my bags)...

The prototypes have been made in Pebble Grey canvas, but I have other colours on the go, as well as innovative shiny denim - all liquidation and overstock VEGAN fabrics.

I am also really excited to finally have a truly plant based product!

In the near future I will be making batches of the QtBeach totes, perhaps adding additional reinforcement to the straps, for long lasting beach fun...

Length: 53 cm/ 21"
Height:35 cm/ 14"
Depth: 18 cm/ 7"
Drop: 41 cm/ 12.5"
Strap Length: 84 cm/ 33"

QtBeach will be available on the web-site shortly... till then, check out my Etsy shop, they're already there)
And - for now, I hope waiting for the Summer does not get too long and painful for us...



  1. I love the beach tote - so cute! Love the colors as well, very original. I might just have to order one... you know summer starts here way earlier!!!

  2. I am so bloody jealous of your shoret winters; would even forgive the occasional snow - but your summer will come soon!

    I am so pleased, you like my beach tote -- I will have other colours soon, and post pics.