Friday, February 18, 2011

Renata 2011

Renata is a tote and shoulder bag, I created for the Spring 2010 Intro collection.
I decided to not let go if the style, as we moved into the Coming Of Age, but I also have come up with some changes I would like to introduce to the Renatas of 2011.

They will still have the long handles and removable shoulder strap, side lacing detail and deep front pocket, only now they will have a softer crown, the handles will be attached on a  longer loop, so they can hang flush with the surface of the bag, when not used; and Renatas will be lined and have four inside compartment pockets.

I recently rolled out the first batch of new Renatas - and they are already available at the WebShop...

My recently found Spring colours: Pale Sage...

Pale Sage

 Walnut Brown:
Walnut Brown

..and Black:

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