Sunday, August 15, 2010

Leather for the Fall part 2 - Unfinished and Deertanned cowhide

Not all my bags come in the most traditional leather surface finishes. As a true fan of this craft, I have always been trying to seek out the rarer, different types or treatments of leather, and try to work with all of it, within limits, set by my believes.

Because Leather is not a vegan by nature, and therefore, a cruelty free material, I decided to not contribute to the increase of its production, but use up the leftovers instead for my craft. Even though it would perhaps be interesting, I do not work with Wild animal, Exotic, Hair-on-hide, Fur, or NEW leather. I also do not shop charity stores for leather clothing to make my bags from, as only a small portion of the 'recycled' item can be used (usually shell only, making for 30% of entire materials), whilst the rest of it is thrown away (up to 70%).

To continue on my finds for the Pre-Fall 2010 COMING OF AGE Collection, I must admit, my personal favourite is a rare and beautiful Unfinished (otherwise labeled Deertanned) cowhide. It feels velvety to the touch, has deep, matte look, and to some it is reminiscent of deer leather. The matte finish shows its imperfections slightly more than a glossy one, but that is exactly what makes this leather both velvety, robust and, yet, fluid at the same time, with lots of character.

Black Unfinished cowhide

Gold Tan Unfinished cowhide
Saddle Tan Unfinished cowhide

Other types of the touchable Unfinished leather I've found, were both, Upholstery and Garment weights will be great for bags in limited, fun colours... Just as gentle to the touch, and just as fluid to work with....

Coffee Brown
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