Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Leather for the Fall part 1 - Finished Light (and not just light- ) Upholstery

I have been slowly rolling out the new Pre- Fall 2010 Coming Of Age collection since late spring.

With the weather changing and fall season getting closer, I have compiled the colours and textures of leather, to use for the most of my new Collection. 

It took me a while to come up with a bunch this beautiful, as all the leather you'll see here is cowhide - either overstock, liquidation, orphaned and found or otherwise reclaimed. I learned to be an opportunistic buyer, and just snatch a great hide (or bits and scraps) whenever I see it... And it could be the only one of its kind.... So, inevitably I will run out of either some of the colours, or finishes, and eventually they'll be replaced by new ones, as the season progresses.

The leather will serve to create bags in all my new different styles, requiring different characteristics. These are NOT all the colours I have sourced - these are the best ones!

This post covers the Light Upholstery Earth Tones and Brights.... 

Here's what I found.....

Staying true to my seasonless earth tones of Brick, Taupe, Ash, Navy and other neutrals. This fall, the colour perception divides into two sides, with neutrals standing in for one, and brights - for the opposite. Purple is a definite leading jewel tone - and the purple finished leather I found, is just beautiful. Glossy, fluid, captivating...  Also loved the Red, which, to me, speaks of Central European countryside's roofs and fences.

Brick Brown
Taupe Grey
Burnt Red

 But my very favourite finds, in fact, are these two: Orange! (I think Orange is great for winter, and I am only hoping I will not be the only one thinking so. It is the strongest 'Pick-me-up' colour for the dreary and rain filled Vancouver landscape..) and Olive - warm, somewhat mysterious, lightly textured and fluid. Can't wait to show you what I come up with, when I tackle these two....

Olive Green

In the next post I will cover the remaining different types and shades of leather for the Fall: and that is Unfinished, Oil treated, Distressed, Garment weight and others.... Sourcing materials in definitely one of the best parts of what I do....

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