Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Toronto recap

I got back, just over a week ago, and seem to take for ever to unpack, clean out, launder - anything to do with returning from a trip.
One Of A Kind Spring show of 2012 was my first go-away show, I am glad I took part in it.

I was preparing for several weeks, thinking through my very mobile display and making new stuff, also shipping things ahead of time, so they get there and wait for me to pick them up and cart them to the venue.

Once in Toronto, I had taken more cab-rides in just that week, than in the past 10 years altogether! Must admit I am still very fond of the roomy Eastern town cars, where I can stretch my legs fully inside and rest the back on my head on the edge of the seat. That simply does not exist in most Vancouver cabs...

So, here is the booth - purses hanging from a marine line, attached to the top pipe by several bike hooks, shaped like a question mark; my streamers, made from recycled men's button down shirts, and my 42" table:

5x10 booth
The set-up was incredibly smooth, with maybe some delays in delivering the lighting I rented, but when I showed up for the first day of the show, my lights were there, exactly where I wanted them, wired, plugged and ready. That was a nice surprise, as I was expected to spend the morning doing DIY electrical.

Although, during biz trips there is hardly time for sightseeing, we managed to do some - which was a great intro to some of  TO's neighbourhoods. After living in Vancouver for many years, Toronto appeared more of a traditional city, active, faster paced and vibrant. I very much enjoy that kind of environment and have always been missing it since my arrival to BC.

We took a trip to Distillery district

And Queens street

Then I had night strolls of my own...

...observed history..

and city halls...
The weather in TO is incredibly shifty. It cools off so much after sundown, you are really reminded, that you're in Mid-West. During our week we had freezing temperatures on the day of our arrival, changing to thunder overnight, followed by a shift to 18*C the following day with almost summery rain, cooling off to cloudless 6*C, and finally bringing the rain at 12*C, with bright sky and 15*C the day of our departure.

But every morning we made our way to the show floor for another day of sales...

hallway of the Direct Energy Centre

Booth, waiting for re-opening
This trip was not only educational, but very therapeutic.  I realized I was not traveling often enough, for biz, or not - and intend to do more of that this year. It enabled me to spend time with other fellow traveling artists and learn from them as well. Also, selling in a completely new environment provides insights of completely different customers, their preferences and tastes.

Traveling never ceases to open up and grow my world.

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