Friday, April 20, 2012

Folder: oversized fold-over clutch

Folder, Deep Red

I really enjoy designing new things, and adding them to an existing collection at any given season. Folder is a Spring addition to FW2011 Cebrellex, along with The Starter, Iolanthé clutch (pics soon) and Luff. Although it took me a while to develop smaller bags, this Spring is definitely the season of the clutch.

Folder, Spanish Moss

Folder is a classic zip clutch, intended for evening or day. Not meant to house every necessity in the world, but has enough space to take in quite a few of those, while remaining elegant.

Folder, Classic Burgundy

The bottom is expanded with corner darts, avoiding that `bloated`look some other flat clutches sometimes have, the moment we put something inside them.

Hazelnut, Azalea, Aqua, Deep Red and Spanish Moss

Zippers we selected are all metal, keeping the look fresh and somewhat festive at the same time. The colours will vary throughout the seasons, however, Folder looks great, both in classic Earth tones, in Brights, and Metallics or Pearlescents.

Purple Python, Gold and Lake
Some of the Folders, especially in the rare brights, will come as sets, along with a matching Big Skinny belt - and, we cannot wait for the JVD logo Hardware to arrive, so it can complete the carelessly elegant look of Folder....

Purple Python, Lake and Gold
As for me, I will be wearing mine from pick-nicks to parties throughout the Summer (and Fall, and Holidays).

** Currently: Folder is available at the Webshop, Dream Apparel and Poppy Hair Boutique, colours vary. Email us to help find your favourite shade**

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