Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten years ago today...


Yesterday I caught myself reflecting on where I was at, the same day, ten years ago...
2001 was a year of exciting turmoil, I  was out in the world, for the first time, leaving my college, family and home country behind...

I was living in the Northeastern States, and despite the difficulties, having the summer of my life. Back then I did know that I wanted to pursue creative work, even though then, I thought I'd land on writing.

A few of us were there, in the same boat, close in age, some starting out in a country, new for us, and that experience taught us to persevere, work through our obstacles and come out all grown up on the other side...

The mental pictures of skating on a frozen inlet, replacing a car battery at a highway toll, sunrises right out of the ocean, and wet grass on a foggy night will remain in my mind for good. And the sense of having achieved something, such as teaching a toddler to talk, submitting the best paper assignment in the class or figuring out the way to solve a financial shortage, so you can fix your very first - and very broken - car, is what started who I am today.

Cheers to early twenties!

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  1. Amen!
    Cheers to our twenties!
    Times of turmoil make us always stronger and wiser. It's amazing how those little things teach us big life lessons.

  2. Ann you are so right - and well, yes - you WOULD know! We got thrown into this environment, that was so chaotic, we eventually fit right in!