Friday, July 22, 2011

Constructing FW 2011 collection..

Designing for Fall and Winter does not seem like an easy task for me. I am normally a summer person, a warm weather dweller, always up for soaking up the sun and a good cool swim.

Yet, this will be my second collection to come out in the Fall. I think the reason for the choice is the leather, I am using itself, my strong preference of Earth tones and Country detailing. When sketching or sourcing materials, I am envisioning marshy landscapes, grey low skies, hiking with dogs, holding reins, and feeling soft suede on hand.

Sewn-on loop tie
My FW 2011 is Country, again. I will still do the long straps, loops and pleats. But I will also introduce new types of leather, building new shapes, “peel-off” parts on the bags, immediately changing the look; deep outside pockets and expandable shells.

Pleated pattern
Pleats. I loved decorative pleating till now, but this time pleats will serve structural purpose. They’ll be shaping, slouching and rounding the shells; moulding crowns and pockets

Thread-though hole
Holes. Cleaner, more streamlined, bigger, smaller. I will still use my trusted thread-through strap attachment method for some bags, but also holes will stand in for lots of gathers and pulls.

Sewn-on tie
New connections. Besides thread- through straps, I will do an entirely sew-on strap connection fir my Western Rounded sacks, this time without any hardware: no rivets or dees; Sewn-on bow-tie strap holders and loops will appear, which will complement my favourite knots.

Introducing – hardware. Yes, I will be using hardware by choice. BUT – barely visible, muted, hidden in the background. I will have all new closures, pockets, removable parts on the purses, expansions and more. There will be some metal...

So, that is a sneak-peak into my FW 2011 detailing. I will write about the individual styles as I roll them out. As of now I am planning to make seven completely new bag styles, with some Holiday additions to turn up later...

Decorative pleat

Structural pleat

Moulding pleat

Expansion zipper

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