Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coming Of Age comes to a close...

 Pre-Fall 2010 Coming Of Age is our second collection, I started early last year. I learned quite a few new skills while building it, shaped my aesthetics and continued to work around my limitations as a new craftsperson. Today, I still have alot to learn, improve and re-measure.

Last week I began sketching what will be my third, Fall/ Winter 2011 Collection, and, even, cut a few preliminary patterns - just to shred them two days later...  After a few days of re-designing and re-sketching, I think I can safely say that I have five completely new styles to be rolled out later this Summer. I will start cutting the new patterns as soon as next week!

My big Spring show, EPIC Expo takes place this weekend, and as soon as I am back home and rested, the new sample building will begin.

Now, as usual, in every transition from an "old" collection to a new one, I would like to hold on to a couple of bag styles from Coming Of Age, and keep making them alongside the new stuff. Some of you know, after discontinuing most of my Spring 2010 Intro Collection, I brought back Jaki Shoulder bag (see previous post), and Renata, re-vamped for 2011.

I would love some feedback to decide, which styles should make it into the Fall/ Winter 2011 season....

Here are all the styles in Pre-Fall 2010 Coming Of Age & Coming Of Age Fast mini-collection:

Sarah, Limited Finish

Virga TCB



Katie, The Bag


Wrap belt

When I look at this Look Roll, I realize, how small both collections are... I have a few ideas of what I THINK I would like to keep, but nothing yet is set at this point. It feels good to review your own work, and re-evaluate it...

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  1. My vote goes to keeping Katie. :)
    And my second 2 choices are Virga and Nijole.

  2. It's hard to choose from....
    1) Nijole
    2) Emma
    3) Virga
    Hope it helps.... Can't wait to see the new collection.

  3. I think I lost all the comments - thanks to those, who casted their votes... (Sad Face)