Monday, March 14, 2011

The Happy Post...

....It has been several weeks since my part timing at the day-job started....

I am still learning new ways of managing my time, building some sort of a routine for my new schedule, teaching myself to take breaks.

Freeing up several days worth of time weekly for my business, was an incredible relief. My tiredness and anxiety are a thing of the past - I do still get tired, but now it feels good... I am also surprised how much I am able to achieve during just a few days, without needing to wait for the weekend to get to my suppliers for parts. And, I noticed, that I also have time for other things - besides production....

Here is a summary of the past few weeks since mid-February:

Have my both Spring shows confirmed and scheduled: Make It Vancouver (April) + EPIC! Expo (May);

Rolled out new stock products:  Emma, QtBeach and Summer Edition TerriAnn bags; One prototype still to go..

Added two new retailers to carry the line: check out PoppyHair Boutique and Blushing Boutique in Vancouver;

Began test shots and outfit styling for the first ever Jola V. Designs LookBook and a Fashion Story - preview above;

Created a surprise product to mark my handbags line's Second anniversary coming up in late March. I will announce updates, giveaways and contests in the next week or so;

And the Bags, and me, will take part in organizing several private shopping events in the Spring alongside my fellow indie artists;

Also - rearranging the studio, learning to work with design software and dabbling in writing too.

Had I not cut back my time at the office, it would have taken me weeks, if not months, to achieve this. But it feels like this small change was the island of solid ground I needed to step onto. I am happy to be where I am.


  1. I'm so happy you managed to effectively organize your time.
    And it seems your spring will be very exciting. :)
    I'm trying my hand at saving some money as I've been eyeing 2 of your bags (unfortunately, I'll probably be able to buy only one but that one will make me seriously happy).

  2. Ines, I am so thrilled with how it all is working out! I can feel the difference in my body...
    I am pretty sure we could arrange something, especially when it comes to European shipping, to connect you with purse(s) you like.
    There are variations, feel free to drop me a line anytime.

    p.s. (which two?)

  3. I better not consider variations. :)
    I fell in love with Katie the Bag in Royal Blue Suede the instant I saw it, but will probably have to go with Katie in Saddle Tan as that one is easier to incorporate into my daily rhythm.
    But that blue color is absolutely stunning for that bag.

  4. The blue one is actually my favourite too. It has quite a different look from the other, non suede KTB's.
    Then again, the Saddle Tan, even though it is a neutral, it's kind of glowing from within. Whichever one you'd happen to choose, it will look great worn by you. Thank you for spreading the good word and sharing my occasionally silly excitements!