Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Big Second Birthday Give-away!

Late March marks the second anniversary of Jola V. Designs...
My first bag was made sometime right in the beginning of the Astronomical Spring season. It was an oversized shopping bag, made of paisley printed upholstery fabric, which I still proudly wear today.

Also, that Spring I really fell in love with 70s style Fringe detailing, and wanted a bag with tassels - just for me. In Vancouver, that was the time before Fringe became really popular, so the bag I was looking for was nowhere to be found. And that's when I made it. When I realized that my little tassel bag got a lot of attention from friends and strangers, I made more. And I am still happily making bags to this day....

Today, I would like to give back to all who supported Jola V. Designs, believed in my wee craft, carried the line proudly on their shoulders or shelves....

I am announcing a draw - to win the Silver Grey Sarah Bag from my second, Pre-Fall 2010 Coming Of Age collection.

Give-away prize

Sarah is one of my most popular styles - the ruffled over-the-shoulder bag, with adjustable bridle straps. This particular one has a unique four tier ruffle detail, whilst all other Sarahs have three.

Four ruffle tiers

 To enter the draw: on our Facebook Fan Page  - tell us why you love us! That's right, post, what is it you like about Jola V. Designs bags, belts, other small accessories - and you'll be in...
The draw will start immediately and will continue till April 10th. We will draw the lucky winner on the 11th and send them the purse with all our best wishes and thanks....
Most importantly - we'll have fun!

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  1. I got to have a Sarah bag..... got to have one!

  2. You so do! For many reasons...

  3. I lurve your designs, because they are functional, funky and very feminine. Discovering Sarah bag was one of those bags I was waiting all my life to appear - pretty, compact enough to not weigh me down, yet roomy enough to carry all my everyday essentials as well as being a complementary night-out piece. Love it!
    Keep up the innovation and integrity that makes your brand so special :-)

  4. Tx - I also had sort of a 'where's this been all my life' moment with Sarah... So glad for the turn-out of the entire COA collection...