Monday, January 10, 2011

How to have a great New Year....

The very idea of a new, starting year is bringing excitement! For a small business it means a lot of Hope, Projecting, Sourcing,and Gambling. At Jola V. Designs, we are no different.

Important to have Hopes, but also - realistic ones.
Any good year ends with an expectation, that the upcoming one will be even better. But it is important to remember that a lot of good that happened in the by-gone year, was a result of our own hard work. Even though some say, the Economy is turning for the better, we still are losing businesses daily, our customers are still quite cautious to spend. This year will require just as much hard work as the last one, and just as much patience. Things will still be taking baby steps, Careful is just as good as Hopeful... 

Victoria, BC
Projecting  - no need to run ahead of myself...
I am thrilled to have my very own web-site, and watch it grow. Really thankful for all the Retailers and Friends who came along, and helped to promote my purses. This year I intend to spend more time following up and keeping in touch with my amazing customers, taking part in a few more direct trade events, than last year, maybe even looking towards the East Coast.
Since things are still quite unpredictable in this economic environment, our projected growth will be mainly self-driven, and natural. It has proved to work before.

Sourcing - my favourite part of work...
This year the process of acquiring my materials will be very different. As, some of you have heard, I have achieved my most anticipated milestone - which is cutting back on my time at the day-job. From this February I will be spending only half the time I have so far at my desk, and the rest of it will be dedicated to my business
With way more time for working on what I love, you will see more colour, more types of materials, more style variations and, maybe, even a larger collection by as early as this coming fall! BUT - I will also be more insightful on which materials work the best, and which ones I am not sure about... So far, you all have been really helpful.

Fireworks of the Olympics, outside our window

Gambling is my second nature..
Being is Business means taking a gamble. In some situations, when all the analyzing and projecting in the world, no longer suffice, I have learned just to trust my Gut. I will take a shot at working with people I trust, take part in events I have faith in, both, public and private; leave room to pick materials and ideas that speak to me. Spread the word about my own work and provide peer support for others. Appreciate it all.

Have a safe, fun and rewarding year.

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  1. I am very much looking forward to what comes this year, especially that you can spend more time with what you love to do! Very excited for you... and all of us.