Wednesday, July 7, 2010

.......By this time next year.....

Lately, I have been trying to map further goals for my growing business, and my life as a whole.

There is more than enough that needs to be changed and worked on. 

The lack of my time, available to work on my business is the first thing on the list. Then there's the life and work balance I usually fail to establish; lack of work space in my home - and yet, luckily,  growing demand and interest in what I do.

Setting up a web-page for Jola V. Designs is my current priority, and and so is increasing my presence in direct sales events.

Last weekend I had a wonderful taste of what my life would be, once I faze out the day-job and make time for my business instead. I would actually be able to rest, spend time for myself again, and improve my social life, without the nagging guilt of "not focusing on business"...

I had a great photoshoot, the new bags went to the on-line store right after, then I went to the beach (yes, for fun!) and was able to catch up of housework  - and have a movie night!

Once the web-page is set up, retail is increased, and I am able to participate in more direct sales events, I am hopeful to not need to hold onto the day-job anymore.

I am hopeful, that by this time next year, I will be working solely for myself....

good luck to me

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