Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Motifs - Spring 2010 Intro and Pre-fall 2010 Coming Of Age collections

I am excited to realize that it has almost been a full year of BAGS! In this snip of time, - and it did seem like a true snip - on random evenings, weekends, lunch breaks at day job, and wee hours of morning, I have been creating and sewing my favourite accessories... It has been an interesting year of ups and downs, as I had to eventually learn how to sew leather, find time to draft, grow and promote my line  - and that's been happening at the strangest times, locations and ways I could not even thought of.
Since the start - when I sewed my first ever Kerry bag (and it hardly looked like anything it does today), followed by a few grassroots models; my style has changed so much. I think I am slowly moving towards finding my looks, my nieche and trends, and learning to differenciate Inspiration from Impulses. 

Here's a brief look into a few new designs, to be included in my new Coming Of Age collection, that I am hoping to put together in time for Fall this year.

The "Ruffled Satchel" -  Pre-Fall Coming Of Age collection - is currently looking for a name. I thought I'd show it off at the Portobello West market this coming weekend prior to the whole collection. Comes in garment, upholstery and automotive leather grades. Currently in summer colours. Get 15% off of this bag at Portobello West for the blog readers.

Terri Ann -  Pre-Fall Coming Of Age collection - a compact yet roomy shoulder bag. Modernized Saddlebag styling - feminine and traditional country motifs will be present throughout the upcoming collection, along with my signature 'no-metal-hardware-and-no-lining' look... Mostly upholstery leather. Get 15% off of this bag at Portobello West as well....

And here are a few other bags, which I did not have images of  - as they were gone to their new homes or retail shortly since completion.....

Renata - Spring 2010 Intro collection - unadorned and beautiful...  Mostly light to medium weight upholstery leather. Worn both  - by long shoulder handles or messenger strap. Unlined.
The long rein of the 'Hobo' (or Western Rounded shape) bag in fashion is officially over, and Fall will find us switching to a cross-over between a traditional 'Bucket' - rounded spaceous bottom bag and 'Satchel' - a straighter soft top, securing and accommodating the space inside the bag, created by the rounded bottom. The new shape of the 'It Bag' for fall is more practical in terms of carrying storage space, yet preserved all the best features of the Hobo - soft shell and comfortable fit against the wearer's body.... Renata's features channel the practicality and looks of the upcoming season trend.

Also, a couple fo new one of a kind styles are coming from TRIFFtextiles.
'This Is Triff' - a large felted wool and leather tote, all materials recycled.
And a 'Sequened' mini tote, reworked of recycled sequened bag gottoms and leather.

Also, 2 limited edition 'Ball And Chains': Come and visit my booth at Portobello West market on 27th and 28th

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  1. Well, it happened - the Ruffled Satchel got its name - Sarah!
    And, it was THE 'It Bag' at Portobellowest - I got instantly sold out of Sarahs! Thank you, city of Vancouver! I will shortly re-stock and may the hype start again...