Friday, November 20, 2009

Summary of my Spring 2010 Intro Collection

   Well, after several months of intense part timing, a lot of over-extended lunch breaks at my job, some late night patterning, and skipped fun times, numerous trips to sewing supplies stores and loads of broken needles later, I have come up with this modest sellection of bags, many of which will see the light of day for the first time later this month at Fab Fair, at the beautiful Heritage Hall, Van, BC.

Come, visit me at my launch - see next post for details.

The Elf - Uber stylich shopping bag. Large, pentagon shaped shoulder bag with a drawstring closure, ajdustable strap, cotton or linen lining, featuring 3 pockets inside.

Fully finished liquidated upholstery cowhide.
Measures: height  - 34 cm
Width across bottom - 30 cm
Strap length - 84 - 99 cm.

Colours: Brandywine, Overcoloured Deep Brown
Comes with metal grommets and no hardware finishes

Ladette - party bag with overnight perspective. Medium sized shoulder slouch with zipper closure. Shoulder strap is adjusted by a tie. Mostly lined in cotton. Featuring 3 poskets inside.

Colours vary - mauves, black for liquidated garment thickness leather;  variuos limited edition colours and front details for recycled leather.

Comes  as #1 - patchwork detail to the front.
#2 - a knot detail in the front
#3 - herringbone fringe added to the front
Other limited editions for recycled leather avaialble too.

Measures: Lenght at top - 50 cm
Depth - 35 cm
Strap - 90 - 113 cm

Kerry -  unique and highly complemented all purpose bag. Medium sized suede shoulder bag with long fringe and zipper closure. Lined with cotton, features 3 pockets. Extendible strap can be worn in long or short manner.

Measures: lenghth - 50 cm
Depth - 30 cm
Strap - 60 - 120 cm

Colours : Tan, Mocha, Royal Blue;
Limited edition: Deep Plum, Rosepetal

Heavy Duty Ladette - Great work and weekend bag; gentrified version of Ladette. Medium to large slouchy 2 strap tote, could be transformed into a shoulder bag. Made of 4 - 4.5 oz. liquidated upholstery cowhide, finished or distressed.

Strap attached with a tie, magnetic clasp closure and a zipper pocket on the shell. Unlined, no hardware. Simply beautiful.
Colours: Latte (distressed)
Burnt Red (finished)
Black (finished)

Jaki - medium to large shoulder and tote bags for both business and adventures. Made of thicker - 4 - 4.5 oz Oil Treated or European upholstery cowhide, these bags have great texture and durability. The shoulder bag edition features lace-up design in the front, closes with a magnetic clasp and are unlined. Enjoy looking and touching the sueded side of leather.
Inside somew bags you will find a complementary patchwork pouch to be used as additional private storage. It's made of the leather scraps left over from bag production, part of my Zero Waste intention.

Shoulder bags:
Measures: Height: 34 cm; Width across bottom - 25 cm; Strap: 105-115 cm.
Made of oil treated unfinished cowhide;
Colours: Deep Brown, Mocha Tan.

Tote Bags:
Measures: Length: 54 cm ;
Depth at centre - 23 cm  ; Strap - 80 - 120 cm
Made of liquidated European 4-5 oz upholstery cowhide
Colours: Caramel, Burnt Red, Wedding White, Black.

Stark - limited availability large shoulder bag with copper rivet design across the shell. Large, roomy rock-n-roll themed bag, with lots of decorative and structural hardware - and style. Lined with cotton, has zipper closure and sits flat with the wearer's body.

This bag is limited availability, and mostly for special orders or events. Made of sturdy liquidated upholstery cowhide.


SWAG!  by Jola V. - a quirky and humorous sub-line, featuring small and limited selection of various sized cluthces, wrist bags, pouches and small totes.

All in budget pricing range, often one of a kind. SWAG! was created with an idea to make some of my leatherwork available for varied ages, budgets and tastes of customers. Also it is a great way to take care of left over leather scraps, re-use parts or re-work older styles into something new and unique. All sizes, all materials, lots of fun.

Renata - Slouch bag with gathered sides detail.  (pics coming soon -pls., forgive a busy designer...)Can be worn as a tote or shoulder bag. Magnetic clasp closure, unlined, features one structural pocket in the front. Roomy, bohemian, soft. Internal capasity can be adjusted by loosening gathering ties.
Made of garment cowhide. Great for weekend and time out, especially if you're an urbanite who loves a good countryside vacation...
Measures: Lenghth: 37 cm
Depth: 29 cm
Shoulder strap:100 cm
Tote handles: 75 cm

And that is it so far - hope these little friends bring as much joy to the new beholders, as they did when I made them.

Also - keep an eye out for my up-coming annual line of hopefully clothing and accesories made with new and recycled materials - TRIFFtextiles

best wishes for the new year of 2010 -
With lots of love -


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