Monday, December 14, 2009

The 'I Think You Bloody Deserve It' sale

So.. here they finally are - the awaited, and the hated, the innevitable and joyous; ranging and overwhealming; giving and rewarding - Holidays ....

Most of the bustle is in the past now - we know, not all of it though, but, hey - at this point last week things were far worse! All gifts are now boxed, the party food is either already in our bulging stomachs, or will very soon land there, so prevent the bulge if you can (you'll thank me later...)
This is the time of a slower pace, plan making, stretching your legs and... rewarding yourself too for what you've accomplished this year...  Give to yourself the one item you wanted and have a suspicion you will not get it from any of your Santas....

For us, things have been just as hectic up till this moment; but now, all our creative chores aside, we also kick back and reflect... All the Art Shows are done for the year, no more sales to pitch, stores to hound; by now we've attended all the Fashion Shows featuring our products; done are all trades, exchanges, re-stock runs - all in the past. For now...

With a few moments left till the new year, we would like to give back to our supportive customers, silent fans, and those who just are good at waiting... Don't rely on your Santas - get the item you've been lusting after for months yourself.

Announcing the 'I Think You Bloody Deserve It' Sale for one 8 day week only - December 19th to 27th on all items on my Etsy store! 
The discount is 35% - 45% off - so you get your wish and I get to start fresh in the new year, spreading the good word at the same time.
Shiping rates are regular; all store policies apply.

Be sure to keep me busy!
Shipment may not arrive in time for the X-mas gift unwrapping, but it will sure be there for your New Years parties...

The sale is short; and on the 27th, at midnight, all bags of Intro 2010 Spring collection will go back to their regular pricing.

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  1. you've all relly have stepped up to - and over - the plate - thank you!
    I'll have more sales....