Monday, November 9, 2009

Cokluch - Montreal brand and my best ever recycled leather discovery

I was excited to visit Circle Craft Christmas market for the first time this year. Now, I am even more  keen - after discovering Cokluch, a QC design company, making most amazing wares from recycled leather.
I have been pondering to write about leather recycling for quite some time now, but I think this brand deserves a separate mentioning.

Cokluch makes reworked jackets, vests, earrings, cuffs, hats and handbags - all out of recycled Cuir, finished with unique screnprint designs. Pairing  coulours and layering of materials in each piece is astounding, it's not only giving a 'new life' to leather, it is giving it a 'better life'.

I fell in love with Mimi, Zazi, Chikita and other lovely sacs, - too bad, I think, in the race of successful leather recycling, I have to announce our East Coast neighbour as The Winner in 2009.

Unique, different, versatile - no sign of crunchy.

Cokluch is exibiting in Circle Craft X-mas Market, Nov. 11 - 15, Vancouver Convention centre.


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