Monday, October 26, 2009

JAKI - shoulder and tote bags (continued)

The JAKI  shoulder bag was introduced in the earlier posting. Now, time for some personal attention to the JAKI Tote Bag, a slightly larger and roomier sibling of the Jaki gang!

It's my first and, to the day, only TCB purse, that is large enough to hold folders, notepads, files, other devices and goodies associated with business. However, business is not the only purpose this bag was created. Works for shopping, packing for your tot and overnighting just as well.

Just like the shoulder bag edition, this one features no metal in decor (except a magnetic snap inside) and no inner lining. I am again focusing on beauty of the materials, embrasing it to the max. Totes are made of medium to heavy weight of upholstery leather, which has been rejected by the upholsterors sometime in history (but what do upholsterors know about beauty, right?)...

Colour sellection is still a work in progress, but currently you'll find these in Burnt Red (pictured), Caramel Brown, Wedding White and Black.

Since this one is a fast seller, I currently have average of 2 week waiting list built up for the next custom order of shoulder or tote edition (as of Oct 26th, 2009). Due to current demand JAKIs  will not be featured on the Etsy shop, instead I will do my best to scramble up and produce a small handful of them for my upcoming craft shows. (Good luck to me..)

If interested, pls., drop me a note to custom order OR,  pls, track me down at either one of the venues - FabFair (Nov 21-22; 11-5 pm); BCTF/ Coastal Health Craft Fair (Nov 25; 12-2 pm); or PrtobelloWest (Dec 12-13; 12-6 pm), mention my blog promotion and get your arm candy JAKI, based on edition and colour availability at 15% off!
(The discount applies for event sales only; pls, note that I will not be taking advance reservations for items on hold to be picked up at the events)

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  1. Oh - looks like the 2 week long waiting list has been cleared! it is also 1 week till FabFair. I am really working on delivering these bags in all colours!