Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kerry turns 4

 Over four years ago, I sat in the kitchen counter and cut a tan suede fringe with dull kitchen scissors. But the small inconveniences did not matter then. The process was excruciating and fascinating at the same time.

My fringe bag later became the start of the JVD line, my most joyful accomplishment so far. I learned to cut fringe with multi-blade tools, sew leather and, eventually, plan construction for more intricate pieces.

Kerry bag

Although, we do not make Kerry bags in stock anymore, they're still offered via Custom Service in the same three original colours: Royal Blue, Tan and Mocha (or the colours of the customer's choice)

Kerry, Mocha

I will always have a special place for fringe in my collections, and try to keep a fringed style for most summers. Below are other great ways of fringing in clothing and accessories of different decades.

Info on the sources of the images and where to buy the items, is on our FB fan page.

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