Friday, May 17, 2013

Time flies when you're having fun...

Here is a recap of our Spring show season, in 8 minutes indeed:

March, One Of A Kind Toronto: second time, twice the love...
Great weather set the mood right from the start - and the Easter weekend brought an amazing turn-out. It was so great to see the returning customers, who had not forgotten us since last year - and new ones as well, who were generous enough to support our tiny West coast workshop...

Beautiful Spring day at the lake

J. in her vintage hotel room after the prep day. Trying Ontario wine.
Old style elevator door

The return to the N isle...
Building the Nautical Wall Of Bags

This year, we made some additions to our all-portable clothing-line display: by making DIY makeshift shelving from the shipping boxes. For traveling shows, the most important thing, is to keep it light. 

Beautiful show displays...

Show display details

Toronto themed glass art... so Old-world...

J's hotel - just a short Rocket ride away
The week just flew by - with a lot of spring sunshine, and a few snowflakes, lots of coffee, and work, many evening walks, trips to all-night grocery stores, trying new foods and wines; and getting to know the city a little bit more.

Lychee sake - one of the biggest recent discoveries

A week and a half later, we hit the road to Make It Edmonton.

Snowy surprise

Our line of work makes for a great excuse to travel, and this was our first time in Edmonton. The show is housed in the beautiful Enjoy Centre, an amazing venue with glass ceiling, that lets the sunshine in, and carries aroma of flower hot-houses throughout. After a first morning snow blizzard, the Spring weather prevailed, making it for a beautiful sunny weekend. A great introduction to the new for us city.

Beautiful ceiling and hot-houses

Set-up at Enjoy

Another day, another booth
 Edmonton is a stylish city, with much appreciation to high quality items and willingness to seek out uniqueness. Make It is one of the best attended events there, and this show had certainly showed that. We met folks, who were regulars to the show since the very start, wearing and flaunting handmade clothing and accessories.

Our youngest customer

It felt great to hit the road home after two travel shows so close together. 

The ride home

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