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Jump to the new collection: Spring Summer 2013 Cruise...

image by: Sophia Dembling (2008)
After a couple of very hectic months, we're in the middle of preparations for the One Of  A Kind Show in Toronto - for the second year.
 What we're bringing alongside the regular stock, is a completely new range of designs, our SS 13 Cruise collection...

Contrast of opposing textures, visual changes in an abject in different times during the day, surfaces of different finishes and smooth lines were in the focus for this collection, all wrapped up in a relaxed and joyous mood of vacations. This is definitely our most celebratory collection, with lots of basic colours, and materials, other than leather, introduced to the shells of bags...

Image: Tumblr. Isle Of Pines

Early this year, Chloe Magazine ran a full page feature of our upcoming collection - you can revisit there feature and read Jolanta's interview with the magazine here.

Here are the all new designs of Spring Summer 2013 Cruise

Click on pictures for more info.

Marife  - A large, graceful carry-all with extended braided handles and exterior pockets.  Lightweight and sturdy, made to house your travel, shopping, or work needs. Or even a second bag inside. Has an eye-catching shape and flowy lacing and braid detail.

Marife - black

Marife - red
Exploring burlap fabric - a course and sturdy cloth to give seasonal lightness and contrast to the smooth surface of leather. Features original ink prints of coffee importers.
Marife Burlap

Marife Burlap

Kaia Surf - Elegant gear. A large, relaxed satchel with two sculpted front pockets, adjustable straps and a shoulder pad. It is an understated formal bag, that could be taken through the weekend (trip). Boxy built, the bag shares some of the same detailing, as the previous design, Marife, such as Western lacing and very smooth lines, at the same time creating a completely different, unisex, look...

Kaia Surf - Granite

Kaia Surf - Caramel

Quilchena -  our first backpack! A deep draw string sac, to be worn as a backpack or cross-body. Zipper pocket in the front, and three more pockets inside. Soft, leather, comfortable wear. Hands free. Featuring pleat detail, or plain.

Quilchena Pleat - black

Quilchena - mushroom

Sarah Burlap - an all new version of one of our Permanent designs. Burlap creates a striking visual contrast, making the purse summery, and surprisingly tough...
Sarah Burlap - Blue

Clubkidz - Fun and compact cross-body for a night out, or day. Very easy to wear, strap is adjusted by re-tying the knots at each end. Closes with an oversized flap and an internal magnet. Features a zipper pocket in the back. Will keep your hands free, while all essentials intact. Take it dancing. More colours to come.

Clubkidz - Blue

Clubkidz - Teal And Gold

Clubkidz - Apple Red

Rider  - an easy to wear pleated bag. Stash it into your beach carry-all, throw it over your shoulder; it will look great with flowing dresses, crochet boho sweaters, headbands, jeans, coats, surf- wear - anything. 

Rider - Mint two

So, here you go! The SS 13 Cruise will make its debut at the OOAK show next week, and will appear in retail shortly...
It is NOW available at the Web-shop

Our Permanent collection is carried alongside, as well as the remaining styles of FW 2011 Cebrellex.

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