Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Custom Service - Old Coats Turned OOAK Bags - part I

We are making progress in turning the leather jackets from the past decades into truly One Of A Kind bags of various shapes and sizes.

There has been a lot of cutting up, re-stitching, re-lining. We now have some of the "After" looks - complete new handbags, built from once unusable, ill-fitted coats, that despite their dated silhouettes, were still made of beautiful leather with some incredible details and finishes...

This project only proves, that leather is indeed timeless...

Jola V. Designs Custom Service:
Sarah bag + Soon-to-be -released tote
More images will come soon, and in this case, pictures really do speak a thousand words... 

Recognize the flap pockets on
the Tote on the left?...

Another large, beautiful tote, made from....

... this coat - can you recognize
 the pockets?

The new tags are making their way in...
All new Tomboy bracelets, made from
small leather cut-aways

I love using men's jackets for Sarah bags - the masculine
detailing really complements my feminine pleats

If you have a leather coat, skirt, trousers or other quality item, that you no longer wear - consider re-using it for a new bag. Leather does not go out of fashion, while clothing designs and finishes have.

But it is not just leather clothing that we can re-make. Your upholstery pieces from an old chair/ couch or home decor will do great too. 

Also, this burlap purse, built of a recycled bulk coffee traders' bag and remnants of our deer-tanned leather, makes for a very trendy unique piece..

All details on our Custom Service are in this post.

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  1. In modern age ,people's using fashionable leather things such as leather belt,bags,and jackets.really very vice which is showing above.

    Best wishes from New York !

    Leam Cika
    Owner of Filson Clothing

  2. Leam - thanks for visiting my blog ---
    I admire your work and achievements very much...