Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Update on Cigar...

When designing a new item, I really do not know, how it will be met by my shoppers. Same goes for leather I source, there is always some faith - or crap-shoot - involved. I have been mostly right with some intuitive purchases of materials, but I also have had several surprises - good and bad.

During one of my most successful leather hunts, I have brought back about eight amazing hides I had rescued. One of them, was a deep brown, waxy finished 3 oz'er, called Echo Cigar...

Here it is, at my studio, third from left. When I sourced it, my current Collection was not even really in the works. I was suffering a burn-out from a busy Holiday season of the previous year, combined with full time day-job and the unrewarding situation that was part of it. I just knew, I loved what I found, and hoped I can come up with a design, suitable for this leather, later on.

And, it appears, that I did. Echo Cigar, a.k.a. Cigar became the opening colour of the Khela bag.

Since the time, the prototype was made, nearly all 64 beautiful square feet of this amazing leather has been used - and sold as my new, labour intense and graceful country tote. I was able to build five out of six intended Khela bags in Cigar. Four of those have fled the nest already - and I only have enough leather for one final Khela....

So, I would be thrilled that my final, sixth Khela in Cigar went to someone, who would really appreciate it. Simply, because to find another Orphaned hide as beautiful, as that one was, would be far too unlikely.

Khela Cigar No 6 will appear at the Webshop shortly.

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