Friday, November 25, 2011

Shut out!

Dear friends -

I have been very passive on my own blog, as well as the ones I have been enjoying reading over time. Now, there is an unfortunate reason for it - and this post is to let you know, that I will be returning -- and reading, commenting, etc, like before...

I recently switched to using a personal e-mail account with google, and for now, it does not permit me to blog from my old user account...

Even though I have re-followed all of you from my new account, it is still facing lots of technical difficulties, and my reading list does not work 70 % of the time... So, I do not always timely see your posts, or able to comment on them.

Some days, when it works fine, I read them, with lots of enjoyment, and keep meaning to return later and respond... and then cannot access them... for days on..

So, please, do not think, I have forgotten you! - I will get these inconsistencies fixed and be able to tune into your posts again. (or, go to a different browser and use my good ol' account I had before the switch- over..)

I miss your posts - and you!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles - hopefully this will be resolved soon!