Saturday, September 10, 2011

Still on the Summer rhythm

Not a bad thing to be on, I guess - waking up to hot and hazy September days, fanning myself with newsprint and downing buckets of green ice-tea.

The issue is - well, who would ever want to work in this weather. All I am thinking is how great it would be to swim in the ocean, but there are some deadlines that are now creeping up quite fast, despite the holiday weather. The Fall shows will start as early as next week, fashion shows - for Spring (!) will hit Vancouver in about a month, then trade shows, public sales and then - Winter Holidays.

This weather is not the only thing slowing me down.

I am still stumbling around in my newly re-arranged work space, trying to get used to the new sewing machine, which arrived some days ago. For now I cannot seem to find my tools and supplies in their usual places, my cutting space has been reduced, because of the additional table - and.... the dealer, who sold me this lovely machine, failed to include it's oil, bobbins and, eventually one-sided feet into the shipment.

So, as a result, I cannot work, even if it was pouring and thundering outside. BUT - the little that I could do, before the oil got too low to run it, took my breath away. This new machine is incredibly smooth, slow and precisely timed. When, after a few days of break I sat back to the old one, I could not take how rough it was. Oh, and the tangles.... My designs are too sensitive to these inconsistencies, and I no longer can afford wasting time fixing them - especially, when the perfect beach weather is outside... So, I decided to put my worries to rest - and will pick up work again, when the new oil arrives.

And lately, I have been busy promoting my Handbag Sale on various eco-fashion web-sites. Thanks for first great week!

Time to shut down and go get some sun!

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