Monday, September 5, 2011

Orange be the colour...

Orange is a great colour - a Fall one, or not. Looks like this year, it got finally noticed by the mainstream fashion, after over a year of brightening up the indie world. This week alone, I read at least three articles, depicting Orange, as THE colour for this Fall, and I am sure there's more to come.

And, it is everywhere - on sweaters, jackets, overalls, - socks -  and, of course, accessories. I am also glad to see it liberated from the "Resort" context, where it used to appear in the years prior, in forms of messy patterned caftans or itsy-bitsy clutches and bracelets, to go with someone's fuchsia hued track-suit.

Great to see it in the Fall season, where it belongs. Also, there is a beautiful range of Orange shades in mainstream - from burning Red-Orange, to True Rust.

Nature wears Fall Oranges well..

 So, wear it if you love Orange - regardless of what they tell you to wear. Nature has an amazing variety of Orange tones, that Fashion has made it's best attempt yet, to adopt.

Red Orange

From Yellow to Red

Sarah, Orange

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